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New Content: Motorcycles

Generic Content News  -  Jun 04, 2020

We're happy to announce another expansion of our massive block library. This recent addition includes 80 new motorcycle blocks. Each block will have 4 corresponding views – plan, elevation right, elevation front, and elevation back – giving you the ability to see each motorcycle from every possible angle. You can see and implement these blocks using the Plan and Elevation Graphics tools from our F/X Site ribbon.


New Content: Outdoor Kitchen/Patio

Generic Content News  -  May 01, 2020

We've recently updated our architectural block library by adding 130 new outdoor kitchen, appliance, and entertainment blocks in both plan and elevation views. Perfect for outdoor kitchen and patio designs, this block update includes cabinets, stoves, barbecue grills, ovens, and televisions, as well as new barstool and dining table blocks. You can find these blocks in the Plan and Elevation Graphics tools, under the sections "Site Furnishings" and "Architectural."


New Content: Bicycles

Generic Content News  -  Mar 05, 2020

We’ve recently updated our vehicle block library by adding more than 70 new bicycle blocks in elevation and plan views. Each bicycle model has 4 individual blocks, one representing each possible viewing direction (plan, elevation front, elevation right, and elevation back), which allows for more flexibility and continuity during the design process. You can now view our new bicycle blocks by using the Plan and Elevation Graphics tools from the F/X Site ribbon. To see an example – and find out how to spice it up with some color – check out our Colored Blocks Power Tip.


Notice: Updated Blocks Are Here

Generic Content News  -  Oct 25, 2019

We’ve made some major additions to our Plan and Elevation Graphics libraries, with almost 1,000 new blocks and an improved folder organization. If you have custom blocks, don’t worry – you’ll still have those. We just recommend backing up your existing blocks so you can integrate them seamlessly with our new libraries.



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