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Put your lighting products in real plans

With just a few clicks, designers can specify products with accurate data directly from your catalog.

See it in action

Show off your products in the best light.

In their chosen design software, landscape architects can select your product. Lighting products come with CAD symbols, 3D models, and specification details, all instantly available.

Clients add real lighting equipment to their drawings and plans.

Clients can place your product directly into their plan and design with accurate data and error checking.

Your products will even render correctly in 3D.

We create 3D models for lighting fixtures including beamspread, color temperature, and material finishes.

Accurate performance data

Product integration: We work with you to compile all relevant product information for easy entry into our system. The information you give us feeds the product database our designer clients see in CAD.

Standardized information: We standardize your product listing information for our system, filling out and vetting an average of 20 data fields per product.

International conversion: Get access to an international user base when we convert your listing information to both metric and imperial systems.

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Manufacturer team members Jeremiah, Forrestt, and Jaymz vet data.

Jaymz Wooden prepares a Product Review Sheet.

Forrestt Williams creates software to maintain our massive catalog.

Land F/X data entry system.

Model dialog box: Lighting products contain an incredible amount of data.

Manufacturer team members audit blocks.

Product imagery

Give designers a preview of your line before they specify your products for their plans.

The way your product appears to designers is important. We examine every image, block, and model to ensure your product looks the best it can.

Dialog window in CAD.

Series dialog box.

Model dialog box.

For an additional cost, our team can also create details for you.

Installation details

We provide designers direct access to your details from within CAD.

The Land F/X detail system enables clients to save, organize, preview, and search for details within CAD.

Learn more about the detail system

Manufacturer detail: Often rough diagrams or unpolished details.

Land F/X detail: We clean out any attached proxy objects, clean up linework/text/callouts, and unify the text styles and dimension styles.

2D blocks

We create optimized blocks that print perfectly, no matter the CAD standards. When dropped into plans, your product blocks place, scale, and read correctly. Our blocks massively outperform the competition.

3D models of your products that render beautifully, with accurate dimensions, finish, color temperature, and beamspread.

3D models

We create 3D models that meet the same standards as our 2D blocks. When CAD plans are exported to SketchUp, everything functions correctly and the file size remains manageable.

Each product is modeled in SketchUp by an expert that incorporates the product's specific features.

Quality Control

We test your listing rigorously to verify that your products look great and work perfectly in our users' plans.

At your request, or at least once per year, your Land F/X representative will verify your information is up to date, removing discontinued products, adding new products, and verifying the links to your website.

The manufacturer team audits for accuracy.

JR Garcia provides support for manufacturers.

Unlimited technical support

We provide world-class phone-based technical support to our clients who use your products in their designs. Clients or manufacturers can submit a tech support ticket, email, or call. (Phone hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific.) Bottom line: If something isn’t working, we fix it.

Call us: +1 805-541-1003

Email us:

I just won a bet with my wife. She said you guys wouldn't get back to me [about my technical support issue] until Monday, and I told her you'd get back to me within 5 minutes!
We've been using Land F/X for over 20 years now and the technical support and professional team of trained staff have helped keep us happy and productive.
You guys are truly the best tech support team I have ever encountered in any industry!
The technical support that Land F/X provides is second to none. Anytime we have had questions, the support staff has gone above and beyond to resolve and clarify any issues.
FEEDBACKGet client usage data and support

Manufacturer portal

Every manufacturer has access to a personalized portal that allows them to see reports, access support, and stay up to date to with us.

Get quarterly reports and data metrics on the use of your products within our software.

Example manufacturer portal.

Impressions By Region

This graph conveys the total number of views of the manufacturer connection system organized on a regional basis.

Designers By Region

Organized by region, this graph gives you the total number of designers using Land F/X for lighting design.

Clicks, Specifications, and Projects

This graph provides you with the number of times your listing has been viewed, the number of times your products have been specified in projects, and the number of projects that include your products.

Specifications by Type

See the number of specifications broken down by type. This is a great way to know how each of your products are performing.

Specifications by Type per Region

Go even further in depth and determine which of your products have been added to plans organized by the designer's region.

EXPOSURE Get your products in front of designers

Manufacturer profiles

Every manufacturer in our system has a profile page that includes the products they have in our system, recently added products, a demonstration video, and the guest webinars they have presented.

Example manufacturer page
Recently added products

Each time we add a line of light fixtures to our manufacturer section, we make an announcement to our client base.

Demonstration videos

We create brief, easy-to-follow videos that walk our users through specifying your products in real time.

The process is always incredibly simple. Clients that want to use your products can access them in seconds.

Example demonstration video.

Guest webinars

Present an educational webinar on behalf of your company to an engaged audience of landscape architects, lighting designers, irrigation designers, and affiliated college students.

NEW MARKETS A massive community of professionals

If you're not in our database, you're missing out.

With our base of new users expanding each year, more and more projects across the world are developed using our software.

Who's already involved

Click any of our manufacturer partners’ logos to learn about that company and which product types are featured in our software.


The ease and accuracy with which the platform allows designers to specify our products have helped us gain valuable spec in the market and, more importantly, educate our users on the features and benefits that separate us from our competitors.
The convenience given by Land F/X Manufacturer Connection has revolutionized the way we put together construction documents and specify products. If a manufacturer isn’t in the system, we don’t spec them.
The easier we make it to spec our products, the more likely designers are to use our product – and the better chance we have to be seen by other designers. I truly believe that if we were not in Land F/X, we would not be specified as often as we are.
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Call us at +1 805-541-1003 or fill out the following form to contact us. If you are already a supporting manufacturer, please visit the Land F/X Portal and send us a ticket instead.

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