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Get your products
in front of designers

Give designers instant access to every product within the CAD interface. Become part of a more efficient connection between you and the designer.

Land F/X is continuously growing

With our base of new users expanding each year, more projects are developed using our software. This growth gives you more opportunities to have your products specified. If you’re not in our database, you’re missing out.

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University programs

Get involved and gain valuable exposure

Your topics, for our community. Imagine the knowledge you can impart in just one webinar.

Present an educational webinar on behalf of your company, and share your techniques, design ethos and best practices with an engaged community of landscape architects, irrigation designers and affiliated college students.

See our guest webinars

Adding a new product to the system? Everyone should know.

Each time we add a line of irrigation equipment, site amenities, or light fixtures to our manufacturer section, we make an announcement in our newsletter. Your new product line will gain instant exposure to our nearly 10,000 subscribers.

Read the manufacturer news

Gain valuable feedback

Quarterly reports show how designers are connecting with you, and your products, through our database.


Impressions give you the broadest level of exposure. You see how much your company logo is viewed by our global community. At the very least, your name is being seen in places you might not have ever thought you’d reach.


Having your brand selected and products considered for projects is that next level of exposure you want. See how often our global community clicks your logo.


All manufacturers need specification stats, so we provide them. You'll know how many times your products are placed within drawings. Beyond seeing the number of views and selections of your logo, you'll see your specifications within their proper context.

The benefits

Develop product outreach and build client relationships.

Accurate data

We work with you to compile all relevant product information, so it can be entered in our admin system. The information you give us feeds the product database in CAD.

2D blocks

We create optimized blocks to match the most stringent CAD standards. When dropped into plans, your product blocks place, scale, and read correctly.

3D models

Our 3D models meet the same standards. When CAD plans are exported to SketchUp, everything functions correctly and the file size remains manageable.

Quarterly reports

Data metrics on the use of your products within our software are incredibly valuable. We give you access to them.

Technical support

We provide world-class technical support to our clients who use your products in their designs. If something isn’t working for them, we fix it.

Demonstration videos

We create brief, easy-to-follow videos that show our users how to specify your products in real time.

Guest webinars

Share industry knowledge as a guest webinar presenter. Opportunities to present are based on limited availability.

Manufacturer profiles

Every manufacturer in our system has a profile page that includes the products they have in our system and news that mentions them.

A designer's point of view

You’ve seen how we can help your company become an integral part of the software. Now get an overview of what our designers see when using the Manufacturer Connection.

What they say about us


  • Land F/X

Our software tailors AutoCAD® to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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