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Land F/X Announces Dave's Retirement

Sep 30, 2013

Published in: Land F/X News

Not many people know the history of Land F/X, but it all started with a father and son collaboration. Dave was a Landscape Architect who owned his own firm and Jeremiah was a young programmer. When AutoCAD came out in the 90's as the industry standard, Dave had all these ideas about what he wished it could do, and asked Jeremiah to help him out. As Jeremiah made more things possible within AutoCAD, they realized they had something they could share with industry professionals. Land F/X was created.

Dave and Jeremiah have been working side by side all these years and as they look back on the journey, it's been quite an adventure. With the upcoming 10 year anniversary of Land F/X, Jeremiah will be taking over as CEO and Dave can enjoy his retirement with his wife and grandchildren. Dave's contribution permeates every aspect of the software. If you have ever enjoyed any of Dave's webinars, if you have marveled at his tone and pacing for the hundreds of videos he has created, and if you appreciate what the software has done for you and the field of landscape architecture, please send us your well wishes for Dave.        

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