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Meet the Team: Forrestt Williams

Oct 15, 2018

Published in: News

Meet the Land F/X Team

Meet The Team

Get to Know the Faces Behind Land F/X

Forrestt Williams – Guy doing website stuff

Likes:  Tacos, music, bad British cop shows.

Dislikes: When there's not enough cheese on my nachos. Leaf blowers. The political world right now.

Hobbies: Playing music with silly people is my favorite thing to do. 

Is it possible for humans to create something completely novel and new that is based on nothing that previously existed? Or is human creativity just rearranging and building on previous ideas?

Researchers, building on a Kurt Vonnegut theory, used computers to discover that there are only "six core trajectories which form the building blocks of complex narratives"*.

I'm not really sure what that really means, but I like making sounds with instruments that, I tell myself, no one has ever made before. It makes me feel better about the world. 

* The Guardian article: "Three, six or 36: how many basic plots are there in all stories ever written?"

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