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Meet the Team: Shaun Rittenhouse

Sep 24, 2018

Published in: News

Meet the Land F/X Team

Meet The Team

Get to Know the Faces Behind Land F/X

Shaun "Ruckus" Rittenhouse - Sales Associate/ Director of University Relations

Likes: Puppy breath, parallel universes, lazy days, all-you-can-eat sushi, koala bears eating things, silliness, old couples holding hands, last but not even least dogs.

Dislikes: Tomatoes, ghouls, sandals, people driving, wrinkled skin from too much time in water, pronouncing the word "rural."

Hobbies: Magnets, videography, movies, being awesome, extreme vacuuming.

When you are driving and see one shoe on the side of the road, what do you think happened to the other shoe? If we ponder this situation logically, we can deduce that the other shoe is either nearby or somewhere else entirely. However, we would be safe to assume that the other shoe does exist somewhere. Shoes are sold in pairs, so seeing one shoe makes us uneasy. Even if people are sans leg or legs, they have to buy their shoes in pairs. Unless they go on eBay, where one can procure a solitary shoe from various vendors. If you think about something, someone has probably thought of it before. There are no new ideas. Even the idea of no new ideas is not new. So, in a world with no new ideas, seeing a single shoe will, in most cases, elicit speculation on the second shoe's whereabouts. This speculation, however, will have been speculated before, and even speculation will not uncover any truths. If one wants the truth, then one would have to search out the missing shoe – an endeavor for which no one has time. However, we do have time for it. Why not? What is time? That is a whole other discussion, and I already forgot what I was talking about. Is anyone even reading this? What was the question again?

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