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Land F/X Article Opinion: Women’s History Month

Mar 18, 2019

Published in: News

Land F/X Article Opinion
Women’s History Month

Amanda Berry

Amanda Berry

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Women’s History Month

March marks Women’s History Month, and for 7 years the ASLA has been using this opportunity to highlight the talented women who have shaped landscape architecture in the USA.

ASLA LAND’s article features Jane Silverstein Ries, the first president of the ASLA Rocky Mountain Chapter. The article and accompanying video, which highlights Cathe Mitchell’s recollection of working alongside Ries, outlines the legacy of not just a trailblazing woman but a visionary landscape architect.

Reis’ story is inspirational as a landscape architect trained in the east, who relocated back to Colorado and had to relearn the plant material palette. She took on this challenge and excelled, eventually providing design for such important spaces as the Herb and Scripture Gardens at Denver Botanical Gardens and the Colorado Governor’s Mansion, among more than 1,000 other gardens. She envisioned gardens as places of “rejuvenation, grace, and comfort” and always stuck to her principles in her work to create elegant designs.

I encourage everybody to take a moment to read the article and watch the video to remember a great landscape architect, and also gain some valuable inspiration for your work today!.

–Amanda Berry

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