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Land F/X Article Opinion: National Bike Month

May 01, 2019

Published in: News

Land F/X Article Opinion
National Bike Month

National Bike Month

An opinion by Forrest Williams

Forrestt Williams Web Developer / Tech Support

May is National Bike Month, with National Ride Your Bike to Work Day landing on Friday, May 17. Why am I planning on riding my bike to work for (most of) May? Is it because cars are bad for the environment? Is it because riding a bike is good for my health? Naw, I just enjoy riding. It’s fun to be outside after a long day inside an office staring at a computer. (Plus I live 2 miles from Land F/X, and biking literally takes the same amount of time as driving.)

Now I know riding a bike isn’t for everyone. Some live too far away from work. Some are too out of shape to ride a bike. Some have other issues preventing them from being able to ride a bike.

Hot tip: Look for Bike Month events in your town. Lots of businesses offer free breakfasts or discounts during May if you show up on a bicycle. For instance, an architecture office in our town is having happy hour drinks and chicken and waffles on Friday, May 17! You’ll definitely find me there.

– Forrestt Williams


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