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2019 Photo Contest Winners

Jun 10, 2019

Published in: News

The 2019 Land F/X Photo Contest Winners!

Each year, we’re beside ourselves anticipating the slew of top-notch site design images ushered in by our contest. Our picks are in, and we’re ready to share them!

Falling Waters Landscape

What can we say? Falling Waters Landscape knows how to win a photo contest. This entry in our Hardscape & Details category epitomized our judges' ideal of a lively, embracing, inviting space. The color scheme is breathtaking, the planting and hardscaping complement each other perfectly, and each element absolutely flows into the next. (See what we did there?) Oh, and there's a fire pit, by the way. We don't just want to stay a day or evening in this poolside utopia; can we just move in?

Arcadia Studio

Kudos to Arcadia Studio for capturing this gorgeous seating and transitional area in the glow of a spectacular California sunset. The contrast of the vibrant purple flowers in the background with the warm gleam off the furniture and side of the house gave us goosebumps. But the real prize is the seamless marriage of planting and paving into a scene that's modern but still feels natural.


Cheers to the power of suggestion! The angle of this brilliant shot frames a Southern California sunset as the light at the end of the tunnel. But what a tunnel! The lush yet understated planting area and warm modern lighting drew us right in.

Ten Over Studio

Congrats to Ten Over Studio for garnering the top number of votes for this gem of an aerial rendering. The juxtaposition of a veritable tide of greenery, curved walkways, and kidney bean pool with the stark rooflines makes this site an exercise in attractive dynamics. Plus it's always fun to see people enjoying a site, providing a bit of movement and engagement.

Category Winners

We created these distinct categories to encourage a variety of sites and artistic approaches, and our pool of entries delivered the goods. Take a look at our picks for the top images in each category.


Land Design, Inc.

Color, color, and more color. From the assortment of plants to the absolutely spot-on combination of light and shadow, this woodsy scene just wowed us. "This project utilized a planting palette that offered 4-season interest. In the harsh Montana winters, it created microclimates to help support and sustain diverse species," designer Megan Terry told us. Now that's a climate we can get used to.

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Attinger Landscape Architecture

What better element of an irrigation category entry than a tranquil, reflective body of water? According to designer Anne Attinger, "The lake in the foreground filters sediments from the local canal/agricultural water and supplies the irrigation for the entire landscape at this private estate in Coachella." Our hats are off to this intelligent conservatory measure in a region where water is an all-out commodity. Oh, and the site is a knockout too.

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Hardscape & Details


Coalescing modernity and comfort is no small task, but this striking seating area looks as cozy as it does elegant. The inlaid wood and glass elements backed by a line of conifers form a lovely frame for a loungey zone where we could easily imagine gathering for a fun party with an entire circle of friends – or just curl up and take a well-deserved couch nap under the stars. The choice of a nighttime shot was a good one for this swanky site.

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Mills Design Group

We had to look twice at this photorealistic image to make sure we weren't looking at an actual photo of this lush, tropical pool paradise resembling a verdant Mayan pyramid. Simply put, it's a great rendering of a truly artistic and impressive design. Time to go trekking!

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Falling Waters Landscape

Don't you just want to cannonball into this pool? We certainly did! (Well, maybe not from this height.) Seriously, though, the shot comes from the ideal vantage point to capture the site's clean and harmonious balance between planting, hardscaping, water, and wall. Utterly electrifying.

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Before & After

Studio KAPPO

This design transformed the edge of a waterfront property from a concrete nightmare into a smooth, inviting transition to the briny that all but begs us to go for a swim. The incorporation of boulders, terraces, and plants preserved the natural appearance this unique setting deserves.

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Thank you to all participants!

Our sincere thanks go out to all the entrants who helped us put on another superb contest by showing off their hard work. It warms our hearts to see all the great things our clients can do with our software, and we're honored to have played a role in the design of all these spectacular sites. Cheers to all who entered:

American Landscape – Jacqueline Jay

Anderson Land Planning

Attinger Landscape Architecture

Beauté Jardin


Civil Site Design Group

Core Landscape

Damon Farber

Delta K Consulting Limited

Falling Waters Landscape

Fortini Landscapes


Jerry Pate Design


Knaak Design Group

Land Design, Inc.

Landscape by Design

Lose Design

LSL Alpine Enterprise

Mills Design Group

O2 Planning + Design

Owens Environmental Design

PlaceMaker Design Studio, LLC

Stack Rock Group

Studio KAPPO

Ten Over Studio

The LandArt Design Group, Inc.

TDK Associates



Disclaimer: Photos on this page are copyrighted as noted. Any reproduction without their permission is prohibited.

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