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Land F/X Puzzler: RefNote Schedule Column Width

Jun 24, 2019

Published in: News

Land F/X Puzzler - Solve the puzzle for chance to win a prize!
Use your knowledge of Land F/X, and you could win a prize. We'll present you with a usage challenge. You can submit your answer to enter a drawing for a gift card. We'll draw randomly from the correct answers to determine a winner. 

You’ve set your RefNote Schedule column widths just how you want them, but your user fields are making everything haywire. Each time a field’s value is a little too wide, the entire schedule becomes a chaotic mess. Because you’re on top of your Land F/X game, you’re aware that the Table schedule style solves this issue by wrapping extra-wide columns to multiple lines. But the border lines in the Table style schedule don’t fly with your office standard. So how can you get the Drawing style schedule to mimic the Table format by giving you set column widths and wrapping the text, but without those table lines? Puzzle when ready!

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