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LAND F/X Feature Highlight: Concept MLeader

Sep 10, 2019

Published in: News

If you like our new Multileader (MLeader) plant callouts, you’ll absolutely love the Concept MLeaders we've just made live! Concept Plants, including plant mixes, now use an MLeader when called out with any of our plant labeling tools. You can customize the look of the callouts, as well as the information they include, to ensure that all projects follow the same standards.

With Concept MLeaders, you can use plant mixes in your construction documents, show individual species counts for a mix in a single area, and connect it all to a design plant schedule by including Concept Plants. It's a powerful update, ready for you to use!

Learn more about using MLeader callouts and plant mixes.

Concept MLeader: Many Styles Available
Choose from various available styles for your mix MLabels.

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