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Check Out Our New Beginner Webinar Series

Friday, 24 January 2020

Are you new to Land F/X? Or do you have a new employee who needs to be immersed in the software ASAP? Have we got the video series for you! Tune in to our webinar trilogy for Land F/X beginners. We’ll show you everything from what Land F/X is, how it works, why it’s such a valuable design tool, and much more:

101: First Steps with Land F/X

Everybody needs to start somewhere. We'll give you the tools you need to begin your journey of mastering the Land F/X plugins for AutoCAD and F/X CAD. You'll learn what Land F/X is, how and why it works, and how you can navigate through your first steps. We'll even provide an example plan, which you can download and follow along. These tips are ideal for new firms or new hires, although please note that we recommend having some knowledge of AutoCAD basics.

102: A Land F/X Tour

Take a look inside the time-saving capabilities you've gained by choosing Land F/X. We'll show you around our ribbon tabs; introduce you to our Planting, Irrigation, and Reference Notes managers; and show you how easily you can place objects such as plants and site amenities. Join us for a tour that's sure to be a tour de force!

103: Matching Your Office Standards

We know you have a particular look you're after when producing a design, from the blocks used to the font style and size. We'll show you how to make changes to the Land F/X default settings to make them your own. You'll learn not only what you can change, but where and how to make those changes when updating your content.

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