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Training for Professors, December 12-13

Jul 02, 2008

Published in: News

The University of Georgia has again offered to host a training event for professors wishing to utilize Land F/X in their classes.

The training will take place December 12-13 at the University of Georgia Athens campus. The first day will be an overview of Land F/X, focusing on where to find information, how best to report problems, and fundamental concepts. We will also be providing attendees with an Instructor Handbook, covering the program in depth. The second day will take more of a roundtable form, discussing the best practices to using Land F/X in an educational venue. Feedback from professors who have already taught Land F/X should be a valuable resource to those wondering how to adjust their syllabus (Spoiler Alert: the University of Florida dramatically reduced the time allocated for students to work on their final projects, as most students were able to produce quality planting plans in a day or two, rather than the week or more the syllabus had allocated for it).

Feel free to post questions and comments on this topic.
Email us at to register and receive an event packet (total program cost: free).

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