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Land F/X Design Contest

Friday, 13 June 2008

This contest has ended!

Land F/X Design Contest.
(Trial users only)

Land F/X is sponsoring a monthly drawing/design contest for all of our Land F/X trial users. You can win a free license of Land F/X or up to $700.00 off of the cost of the Land F/X program.
There are five categories that you can enter in: Planting, Irrigation, Concept Plans, Site/Details, or Sketchup models.

Grand Prize: A free license of Land F/X. The Grand Prize is awarded to the drawing/design that is considered the overall best of all of the Runner Up Best in Category winners.
Best of Category Prize: $200.00 off the purchase of a license of Land F/X. There will be a Prize for the best of each of the five contest categories mentioned above. 
Everybody Wins Prize: Every trial user will get $100.00 off the purchase of a license of Land F/X for each submittal they make during any one contest, for up to five submittals. 

This means every Land F/X trial user can save up to $500.00 off of the cost of Land F/X by making five submissions, in addition to any Runner Up Prize.

There will be a contest every month, ending at the end of each month

How to Submit:
You must use the Land F/X Technical Support function to submit a drawing. With the drawing open, go to the LandFX pulldown or toolbar menu, select Technical Support and copy the drawing and project data to your desktop as a LandFX file. Fill out the Land F/X ticket information with “Trial Contest” as the issue, and attach the zip file. In the text box below Issue, enter some text describing your project and how you used Land F/X to accomplish it. If you are sending us a SketchUp drawing, zip it and attach using the Technical Support function. If the zip files you are attaching exceed 4mb, email them separately as zip files to

With your first submission, your Land F/X trial period will automatically be extended by an additional four weeks.

Remember: each submittal will give you $100.00 of the cost of Land F/X, so submitting a Planting Plan, Irrigation Plan, and SketchUp drawing of the same project will count as three submittals.

The project and drawings should be based on a realistic project. It may be an current actual project, a past project you have already done but are re-doing using Land F/X, or an imaginary project (but real in nature). Be sure and include the project data with any drawings so that we can re-create a schedule of the plan information (this will be automatic if you use the Technical Support function). The size and scope of the project is unimportant.

Grand Prize: Winner will be notified by phone and email. License will go into effect immediately and user will be responsible for yearly renewal cost of support and updates if desired. If license was purchased within the trial period, license cost will be refunded.

Best of Category Prize: Winner(s) will be notified by phone and email, discount must be applied to purchase before expiration date of extended trial period or within 14 days of notification of Winning.

Everybody Wins Prize: discount must be applied to purchase before expiration date of extended trial period. Qualifying entries will apply immediately to any license purchase.
**Current Land F/X Clients or Users are not eligible for this promotion.

Judging will be done by a panel of three Landscape Architects. These may be from our staff or visiting Landscape Architects, Architects, or instructors as may occur. All company or firm names will be hidden from the judges. Submittals will be judged by:
• Clarity of the drawings and general adherence to professional standards.
• Extent of using Land F/X tools.
• Appropriate selection of symbols.
• With construction documents the design itself is not being reviewed, however, good design will always leave a better impression on any judge.
• A SketchUp submittal will be judged by design presentation and effectiveness.

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