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North Carolina ASLA Conference

Jun 11, 2008

Published in: News

I was able to visit the North Carolina ASLA Conference last week, in sunny New Bern.
Beautiful weather, great people, and good southern food.
Gene Bressler from NC State was there, and we were able to go over technical support details for the students. I also had a great conversation with the guys from Advanced Solutions, an AutoCAD reseller, who mentioned that they have been hearing more and more about us.
And of course got a chance to show what Land F/X can do to a new group of people, who as always were consistenly amazed (no more counting plants?! no more sizing pipe?!).
A big congratulations to Ray Gibbs with Chas. H. Sells, Inc. -- even though I'm pretty sure he was just about to purchase, the lucky guy won the raffle and ended up getting Land F/X for free!

There was also a huge fire in the forest outside Raleigh, which the last night turned the sliver moon red. It's not often you get to see a moon like this:

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