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Land F/X version 9.20 available

Dec 29, 2002

Published in: News

Land F/X version 9.20 is available for installation from the Check for Updates feature in the software.

Our efforts to continue to make the installation process easier, smaller, and more cloud-based, continue with each monthly update. This version has the installation trimmed by removing over 6,000 non-essential irrigation blocks. It also includes the initial capability for uploading Details to for cloud-based backups of details. Look for version 9.30 and 9.40 to continue this trend, with the end goal being the ability to move among installations, or reinstall onto a new computer, and have all data, details, and custom blocks, all delivered seamlessly over the internet.

This update also wraps up a nearly complete re-engineering of the Detail system. The changes allow the detail system to react much better to the needs of larger and multi-person offices. This covers everything from backing up the detail library, to general speed improvements, to categorization and copying options.

There were also many changes to dialog boxes, standardizing button names and locations throughout the software. This has been in lockstep with a complete update of our entire documentation. Approximately half of the existing documentation has been updated in place. Look for the remaining sections to be updated, and migrated to the new web site and documentation engine, over the month of January.

The entire update list is as follows:


Workstation Installer, simplified install procedure.

MNL file updated for simplified install procedure.

Installer, non-default spray symbols removed.

Installer, Tutorial files updated.

F/X CAD Installer, Inventor Server removed.

Workstation Installer, standalone installs database connection as localhost.

Server Installer, configures MySQL Server for IP-only connections.

License Management Screen, Help button added.

Place Hatch, legacy AutoCAD memory management temporarily discontinued while troubleshooting 2013 crash reports.

Drawing Startup, turns on Land F/X pulldown menus if necessary.

Drawing Startup, 3/16 scale correctly displayed in pulldown menu.

Preferences, license validation added.

HotFix: Preferences, Convert Colors, saving of color change progress will not generate error.

License system, compatible with mixed-case machine name changes.

License system, compatible with Enterprise licensing.

All database calls compatible with Enterprise project data.

Preferences, Convert Colors, demarks colors that are used by Land F/X blocks; allows setting Lineweights.

Reactivate function, compatible with License Management screen trial conversion.

License Transfer screen renamed to License Management screen.

Set Viewport Scale, checking of viewport scaling for non-English installs will not generate error.

Drawing Close Reactor, additional validation to prevent closing database connection prematurely.

Site Builder, Dimension buttons, restore Dimscale setting if an override is present.

Helper function RML, additional logic for dealing with non-standard lineytpes.

Drawing Startup, turns on system variable ANNOALLVISIBLE as necessary.

Place Shrub Area, Place Drip Area, Place RefNote Area, linetype Continuous set as ByLayer.

Place RefNote Area, respects custom Layer setting for selected hatch pattern.

Project Manager, Sheet Index, Set Current button renamed to Assign, displays user with a list of layout tabs.

Helper functions for sheet processing, compatible with non-English installation names for Model tab.

Dimension buttons, if no user defined dimstyle has been saved, asks to use a default dimstyle.

Fonts tool, text size displayed to nearest tenth of a millimeter for metric users.

All dialog boxes reviewed, numerous minor changes to standardize button naming and placement.

Preferences, Layers, Edit button allows editing all layer settings, and includes description of layer use.

HotFix: Spot Elevation, attribute placement calculation will not mistakenly include tag width.

HotFix: Hatch tool, will not mistakenly list hatch save date as custom layer assignment.


Common Add Detail to Project function, additional error handling projects set to legacy project detail folder.

Save Detail, integrated Cloud backup at test and validate phase.

Detail Builder, Keynote callout, keynote data moved from global data to Preference Set.

Detail Explorer, Right Click menu created for detail list.

HotFix: Project Manager, Assign Sheet button, correctly updates existing layout tab metadata; error handling when data update fails.

Project Manager, Project Folder renamed to Detail Folder; assigns detail category location rather than physical folder path; Save Detail, Detail Manager, Detail Explorer compatible with revised project details.

HotFix: Print Details, querying of last date printed will not generate error.

Detail category data, when using a custom detail store folder, is saved there.

RefNote Schedule, division headers list the division before the title only for numeric style divisions.

Insert Detail Template, additional error handling restores layer state file on error.

Insert Detail Template, when restoring detail layer state, linetypes that cannot be loaded are reverted to Continuous.

Detail Template, additional Imperial scale options of 3/16 and 3/32.

Detail Explorer, creating new top-level categories, detail hierarchy is reloaded for proper sorting.

HotFix: Detail Explorer, dragging detail to new category, will not mistakenly overwrite detail of same number.


Irrigation Manager, adding equipment to project, downloads any missing symbols.

HotFix: Draw Lateral Pipe, Head autosnap functionality restored.

Verify Laterals, highlights single length Dripline as unpiped.

Draw Lateral Pipe, allows connecting to Dripline fittings.

Irrigation Schedule, includes single length Dripline.

Draw Lateral Pipe, head matching looks first for direct click onto head, then nearest head.

Rain Bird R-VAN rotaries added.

HotFix: Draw Lateral Pipe, recognizes Drip Control Valves as pipeable.

Irrigation Manager, Source Data, Place button added.

Pipe Label, allows selecting piped equipment to adjust position.


Add Plants, New Plant, newly created plant is highlighted.

Place Plant, Vine symbols beginning with Vine-0 prompt for manual rotation.

Concept Plants, compatible with multiple size copies of same plant.

Concept Plant Schedule, output to Excel, area quantities are output as positive numbers with two digits of precision.

Photo Callout, Browse button removed from dialog box.

HotFix: Revised block width calculator will not generate error when processing plant blocks.

Plant Outlines, does not process Vines.

Concept Plant Manager, New, Edit, and Notes use single common dialog box.

HotFix: Plant Label by Group, G option to include Groundcovers, capability restored.

Plant Schedule, output to Excel, Set Template option discontinued.

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