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Land F/X
February 5, 2018
Webinar this Friday!
Webinar: F/X CAD 2018 for New AutoCAD Users
Presented by Amanda Berry
February 9, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-8)

If you’re using an AutoCAD platform for the first time, you'll need some familiarity with the software interface so you can start actually drafting plans. This webinar will take you from the ground up, covering best practices to establish good habits. You'll learn about opening the software, working with file types, and understanding some of the tools you see around the screen. You’ll come away feeling more comfortable getting into our other webinars that require basic CAD skills.
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Note: All webinars are archived on our website and available to view starting the Monday following the webinar presentation. 
Manufacturer Connection: A Powerful Tool for Manufacturers

Manufacturer Connection

Presented by: Damien Knight

Manufacturer Connection: A Tool for Manufacturers
Our Manufacturer Connection doesn't just help designers. Manufacturers who join the Land F/X family can be confident that their product blocks and details meet the most stringent CAD standards and are accessible from AutoCAD via our unique specification tools. In short, designers throughout the world love our Manufacturer Connection, which translates to more specification of your products. Watch this week's Power Tip to see all the ways our software benefits manufacturers.
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Fun With Fonts

This Week's Font:

Felt Tip Senior

The plan is complete, but something is missing. This week's font has a unique handwritten look with elaborate curves and flourishes to augment your plan.
How To Install Fonts in Land F/X

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Reload All Text Styles (REAT)

This Week's Trick:

Reload All Text Styles (REAT)

Need to update the text in one of your drawings to match the fonts and point sizes in one of your Preference Sets? Easy! Just use our Reload All Text Styles (REAT) command. Open your drawing, and make sure you have the right Preference Set active. Then type REAT in the Command line and press Enter. Done. Need to do it in multiple drawings? Use the Text Styles option in our BatchMan tool.

Reload All Text Styles (REAT)

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