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Drip Irrigation Tools Webinar

Jul 24, 2017

Published in: Newsletter Archive

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July 24, 2017
Drip Irrigation Tools Webinar
Drip Irrigation Tools Webinar
Water is precious, and so is your time. This webinar will help ease your burden by showing you how to use drip irrigation. We’ll go through the entire process – from placing drip rings, bubblers, single emitters, emitters by area, and dripline by area to zoning and piping. We’ll even cover some new features our users have requested.
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Power Tip
Irrigation Tools In 3 Minutes 
Has anyone ever asked you why you use our software for irrigation – or you are still contemplating it yourself? This video will lay it out for you, or anyone you know. Give us 3 minutes, and we’ll show you what we think is the most amazing irrigation design package ever invented.
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Quick Trick
Scale Hatches Manually
Hatches not appearing at the scale you want them to be? Even though Land F/X scales hatches automatically, you may want to adjust the scale of a hatch you've placed in your drawing. You can easily do so by double-clicking the hatch and adjusting the hatch pattern scale in your hatch editor.
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Park Benches with WIFI
Park Bench Makeover
An interesting new trend in the site furniture market is smart furniture. Landscape Architecture Magazine just featured an article about a wifi-enabled solar charging bench that's helping Charlotte, North Carolina get data on its park use. It's not only a charging hub for park users, but also collects anonymous data from wifi enabled devices passing by. This is allowing the city to use the traffic data to better schedule park activities like fitness classes. The article also explores the question of how safe this data collection is for the privacy of park users. 
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100 Pink Flamingos Anyone?
A few days ago our local newspaper published an article that would put a smile on anyone's face. Check out how one bright-spirited neighbor responded to the neighborhood yard stickler. 

"When a Los Osos woman received a passive-aggressive note from an anonymous neighbor complaining about the state of her yard, her first reaction was dismay...."
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