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Support for F/X CAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2013

Oct 13, 2017

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X
October 10, 2017
F/X CAD 2018
At the end of the year, Land F/X licenses will no longer work with AutoCAD and F/X CAD 2013. (We only support the 5 most recent versions of AutoCAD.) If you have the 2013 version, you can either move to an AutoCAD subscription or upgrade to F/X CAD, which is still on perpetual licensing.
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Power-Tip: Head Layout Using Copy Along Line and Polyline

Power Tip

Head Layout Using Copy Along Line and Polyline
With our Copy Along Polyline and Copy Along Line tools, you can copy a head in your drawing and paste it along a specific path. We’ve added keyboard shortcuts for each of these tools, which are available once you’ve begun placing a head in your drawing. Check out this Power Tip to see how quickly and accurately you can lay out your irrigation design!
Power-Tip: Head Layout Using Copy Along Line and Polyline
RSVP to ASLA After-Party

RSVP to ASLA After-Party

Hosted by Land F/X
RSVP for Land F/X ASLA After-Party
Do you like to party? Of course you do! So come on down to Booth 123 at ASLA 2017 (October 21- 22) and get your Party Badge! The Land F/X L.A. Confidential Party will be the bee's knees.
Plant Categories Missing from  Your Plant Schedule?

Quick Trick

Plant Categories Missing from Plant Schedule?
You may have tried to place a Plant Schedule in your drawing or export one to a spreadsheet, but one of your plant categories (Trees, Shrubs, Shrub Areas, Groundcovers) isn't showing up. If you're sure you have plants from that category in your drawing or Xref, you're most likely experiencing this issue because of frozen layers. Once you unfreeze, or thaw, the layers for that category, it will be listed in your schedule.
Quick Trick
Plant Categories Missing from  Your Plant Schedule?

Bella's Corner

Bella is Back!
It's never too late to start over or improve on what you've already built. I've been actively helping my hoomans make some minor upgrades around the office. We were talking the other day, and I says to them, "Look, it's never too late to upgrade your life. Always be upgrading. That's my motto." Take a step back, evaluate your position and make some upgrades, or maybe just stay as you are. "It's my life. It's now or never; I ain't gonna live forever." My friend Jon Bovi told me that in a song one time.

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