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ASLA 2017 Was The Cat's Pajamas

Oct 23, 2017

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X
October 30, 2017

ASLA 2017 Was The Cat's Pajamas

CAD Enforcer Badge
Chad Danos & Krystal Bozarth
Paul and Police Officers
Dancing at the Crocker Club After-Party
Land F/X ASLA Booth
Jon Prode & Jake Lott
Jake Lott & Bo Yang
ASLA L.A. Confidential After-Party Decorations
We had a great time getting to know everyone who came by Booth 123. It was great to be able to put faces to the names of all the customers we speak with on the phone, and to welcome the new members of the Land F/X Family.  We look forward to the ASLA events in the years to come, and to getting to know all our new Land F/X users.
Welcome to the family!
Party Photos
Free Land F/X Training Resources

Land F/X Training Resources

Free Learning Resources for Land F/X Users

When you purchase Land F/X, you aren't just purchasing a powerful AutoCAD plugin, you are purchasing our support on your digital design journey.

Here are some of the free training resources offered by Land F/X:

Power Tip Videos
Step-By-Step Trainer
Webinar Video Archive
Knowledge Base
Academic Info Page
Irrigation Getting Started Guide
Planting Getting Started Guide
Details Getting Started Guide
Customization Getting Started Guide
Pipe Data Defaults not Sticking?

Quick Trick

Pipe Data Defaults Not Sticking?

The Pipe Data Defaults feature, available in the Irrigation Preferences, is designed to apply your preferred Pipe Data settings to future projects using the current Preference Set. If you're setting the Pipe Data Defaults and wondering why they're not applying to your current design, it's because they're not designed to. If you need to change the Pipe Data settings in an existing project, you'll need to use our Pipe Data tool, available from the Irrigation Manager.

More Info on Pipe Data Defaults
Pipe Data Tool
CAD Learning Labs by Land F/X

Free CAD Training 

Classes Taught by Land F/X

At this year's Irrigation Show + Education Conference, Land F/X Irrigation Specialist Jake Lott will be teaching four CAD courses.
All courses are CEU approved and FREE! 

Register for the courses when you register for the conference.

Introduction to Irrigation With CAD
Beginner | Landscape | 2 CEUs
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Drip Design With CAD
Beginner | Landscape | 1 CEU
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 10:05 a.m. – 11:05 a.m.

Customizing CAD Symbols to Your Office Standards
Intermediate/Advanced | Landscape | 1 CEU
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 11:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

Pipe Sizing & Hydraulic Troubleshooting in CAD
Intermediate/Advanced | Landscape | 2 CEUs
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
News! News! News!

Small Fishing Village Takes Big Steps

Image credit: Gústi Productions

In Iceland it's Moderately Paced & Peaceful, not Fast & Furious.
The small fishing town of Ísafjörður in Iceland created a 3D painting at a crosswalk, that is meant to get the attention of drivers and get them to slow down. The pedestrian crossing has been painted so that it appears to be actual road impediment, and helps to make drivers decrease their speed.
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