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Last Chance to RSVP for 50% Off

Nov 15, 2017

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Land F/X
November 15, 2017
RSVP Now for 50% Off
RSVP Now for 50% Off

This is for real.
Prices will never be this low again.

  • Sale prices do not apply to renewals or F/X CAD upgrades.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Offer not valid with any other promotions or discounts.
  • Not valid for past purchases.
  • We will offer no extensions and no exceptions.
  • Black Friday 50% discount is valid from 11/24/17 through 11/27/17 only.
  • Tax will be applied to California purchases only.
Update 14.0 Now Available

Update 14.0 Now Available

Make Sure Land F/X is Up to Date

Update 14.0 now available!

As always, our development team has been busy, adding helpful features to improve your design process. Recent additions include the ability to create Work Areas within Work Areas, improved tools for copying sprinkler heads along lines and polylines, new compatibility between Plant Outlines and color plant symbols, redesigned ribbons, a Command line tool for easy remote assistance on tech support issues, and a slew of new irrigation keyboard commands.

And those are just a few examples!
Check for Updates
Need a Quick Cost Estimate? Use our Scheduling Tool!

Need a Quick Cost Estimate?

Use Our Scheduling Tool!

Our software includes tools for creating an instant schedule (legend) that lists anything from project plants to site amenities, hardscape materials, and irrigation equipment. These schedules provide a great way to provide a client with a cost estimate right in your drawing. You can also choose to send your schedule directly to a spreadsheet, where you can customize your schedule columns even further. It's another way we help you keep your clients informed and happy!

Send Schedules to a Spreadsheet
Create an Excel Macro
The Landscape Architecture Podcast

The Landscape Architecture Podcast

Check out The Landscape Architecture Podcast, sponsored by Land F/X.
The Landscape Architecture Podcast
Support Ending for F/X CAD and AutoCAD 2013

CAD 2013 Support Ending

Upgrade to 2018 Today

As of January 1, 2018, Land F/X licenses will no longer work with AutoCAD and F/X CAD 2013. (We only support the 5 most recent versions of AutoCAD.) If you have the 2013 version, you can either move to an AutoCAD subscription or upgrade to F/X CAD, which is still on perpetual licensing.
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