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Give The Gift Of Land F/X

Dec 11, 2017

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Land F/X
December 11, 2017
Support Ending for F/X CAD 2013 as of Jan. 1, 2018
Support Ends for F/X CAD 2013 on January 1, 2018
We will no longer be supporting AutoCAD 2013 as of the first of the year.

December 2017 is your last month to upgrade your AutoCAD platform to a newer version. Upgrading to a newer version of AutoCAD? Remember: Land F/X will not work with AutoCAD LT. Fortunately, we offer another option at a great price: F/X CAD.

You can upgrade F/X CAD 2017 to F/X CAD 2018 now for $250. 
What’s F/X CAD? It’s our official Autodesk-authorized version of AutoCAD specifically for Land F/X users. Keep in mind that F/X CAD requires a Land F/X license in order to function.
Upgrade Now
Happy Holidays from Land F/X

The Holidays are here...

Land F/X Holiday Schedule.

During the two work weeks beginning Monday, December 18, our office will be on holiday schedule. We will have limited support staff in the office during this time. We will be checking emails and technical support tickets, and we’ll be here to help if you have a pressing issue.  You can send us an email or a technical support ticket. We will be back in full force on January 2. Happy holidays!
Drawing Corruption: An Easily Defeatable Enemy

Drawing Corruption:

An Easily Defeatable Enemy.
Whenever you open a drawing file you've received from someone else, you run the risk of corruption in your drawing. Think of drawing corruption as a sort of virus that spreads between DWG files, causing issues ranging from slow AutoCAD performance to the all-out loss of your work. Fortunately, you can protect your plans by zapping drawing corruption with a few simple steps. Follow our drawing cleanup steps each time you open a file from another CAD user, and you'll keep your work safe.

How to Clean your Drawings
Fun With Fonts

Fun With Fonts

Weekly font spotlight.

Tired of looking at plans with the same old boring fonts?
Of course you are! This week's spotlight is on FG Rebecca, which has Regular and Script options available. 
How to Install Fonts in Land F/X
FG Rebecca - Regular
FG Rebecca- Script

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