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All About The Cloud

Jan 29, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X
January 29, 2017
Cloud Data Webinar 
Presented by Jeremiah Farmer
February 2, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time (U.S. and Canada)

Wondering why you keep hearing the phrase “Cloud Data”? Watch this webinar, and wonder no more. With Cloud Data, your projects, plants, equipment, and preferences (collectively known as your Land F/X data) are all stored online. It’s our way of providing security and convenience by giving you the freedom to access to your data no matter where you are – and you’ve been using it for years without even knowing it. Find out why you should be excited to move to the cloud.
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Note: All webinars are archived on our website and available to view starting the Monday following the webinar presentation. 
Working with Plant Label Scales

Working with Plant Label Scales

Presented by: Paul Houchin

Every planting plan needs to be labeled, and the labels need to be scaled properly – not only for clarity of communication but for the overall aesthetics of your design. Our tools make it easier than ever to place your labels and ensure they're at the correct scale. Check out this Power Tip for a greater understanding of the factors that affect the scale of your plant labels, as well as some tips for correcting improperly scaled labels.
Watch Power Tip
What's My Support ID?

This Week's Trick:

What's My Support ID?

Need to submit a tech support ticket? Or maybe you want to purchase an additional license online, but you're being asked for a "Support ID." You can easily find your Support ID in the General Preferences screen, available from the F/X Admin ribbon.
Find Your Support ID
Bella's Corner

This Week's Font:

Mad Scientist

You've created something special in your plan, and now you need a font that will alert viewers to its greatness. This week's font is just crazy enough to garner attention but still classy enough to maintain your reputation. How To Install Fonts in Land F/X 

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