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Guest Webinar: Living Walls Made Easy

Feb 26, 2018

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Land F/X
February 26, 2018
Guest Webinar: Living Walls Made Easy
Presented by Sean Brennan with Filtrexx
Guest Webinar: Living Walls Made Easy by Sean Brennan
March 2, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-8) 

The VerTexx vertical wall by Filtrexx makes vertical living walls affordable and easy to install. This unique system combines the VerTexx matrix of galvanized wires, planting trays, and Filtrexx's popular GardenSoxx gardening containers to deliver a measured amount of water to a large soil mass, all secured vertically. This webinar will show how a VerTexx living wall can provide an unlimited variety of planting designs with the reliability of plant success.
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Power Tip: Working with Layer States

Working with Layer States

Presented by: Paul Houchin

Power Tip: Working with Layer States
Tired of painstakingly configuring layer settings for every new CAD drawing you start? If you use our Layer States tools, you won’t need to set up your layers more than once. Check out this Power Tip for more information on working with Layer States.
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Over the past week, we've added Buckner Superior's new 1" Low Profile Quick Coupler Valves to our irrigation equipment library. These QC valves and keys are fully interchangeable with the Signature Control Series. Superior internal components are made from brass and stainless steel with EPDM rubber parts.

Find this product in the Valves section of our Irrigation Manager.

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