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Guest Webinar: Using Drones to Prepare Your Site Plan

Mar 12, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X
Guest Webinar: Using Drones to Prepare Your Site Plan
Using Drones to Prepare Your Site Plan
Guest Presenter: Benjamin George
March 16, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-8) 

Ever wonder what it would be like to work with drones? This webinar will detail their potential applications in your site plan. Drones can provide site images at a higher resolution and accuracy than you might have readily available, as well as capture the most up-to-date conditions on the site – all at a lower cost than those of the alternatives. Starting with a look at aerial photography, contours, and capture strategies, we'll then show what it takes to process your images and final outputs. Learn why design firms worldwide are turning to drones to improve their design processes.
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Power Tip: How to Cross Reference Plans

Cross Reference Plans

Recommended by: Jared Sylor w/ Bare Roots Landscape Solutions
Once you start taking on bigger projects, your Model Space can become far too cluttered. Breaking up a drawing into separate plans using Xrefs not only cleans up Model Space but allows for more than one drafter to work on a project at once. However, it also creates the need for each drafter to see the design in other drawings, which can also lead to an issue known as a circular reference – a drawing that references itself. This Power Tip will show you a cross-referencing technique that will prevent circular references.
How To Cross Reference Plans
Manufacturer News

Land F/X Togetherness

Food and Fun Fridays
When the weekend is nigh, you can be sure of one thing at Land F/X: We are going to eat, drink, and be merry. Every Friday, we come together to enjoy food, fun, and familial fondness as we bid the week farewell. 

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Keep your eyes on the news – and our Irrigation Manager – over the next few weeks. We're starting our review of Toro's and Irritrol's entire catalogs. You'll see updates to existing products, as well as some new ones making their way into our irrigation equipment database.

Most immediately, however, we'll be removing products that Toro and Irritrol have discontinued. We've already deleted the following items from our database:

Toro product discontinuations:

  • Sentinel Controller Series
  • Sentinel 2Wire Controller
    • TSD models
  • Sentinel Custom Controller Series
  • Sentinel Accessories
    • Retro Link Assemblies for Irritrol and RainBird
    • Weather Sources and Wireless Output Board
  • TDC Series 2Wire Series
    • 50 station controller
  • TIS PRO Series
  • TMC 212 Series
  • Pressure Regulators Series Drip Emitter
  • 500 Series Bubbler
    • Adjustable Flood Stream on 570Z Pop-ups
  • Shrub Rotors:
    • Super 800 Series
    • TR50XT Series
  • Shrub Sprays
    • Assorted Purple Cap ('E' – Effluent) Nozzles
  • Turf Rotors
    • 810G/810GL
    • TG101
    • TR50XT
  • Turf Spray
    • Assorted Purple Cap ('E' – Effluent) Nozzles
  • Valve-in-Head Rotors
    • DT34/DT54
    • DT35/DT55

Irritrol product discontinuations:
  • JR Max ControllersPCW Control Series
  • CR500 Shrub Rotors
  • 450 Series Turf Rotors
  • SL Series Turf Spray

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Don't Lose Your Work. Autosave!

Don't Lose Your Work.


Sometimes it's easy to forget to save. AutoCAD includes an Autosave option that provides a foolproof way to avoid losing (potentially) hours of work in your drawing. Set your own time interval for how often you want Autosave to engage. You'll thank yourself later.  

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