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Charge into Rhino!

Mar 19, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X
Charge into Rhino!
Our Land F/X Rhino Plugin is live and ready for you to use. We now give you the tools to move your planting designs between CAD, SketchUp, and Rhinoceros 3D (otherwise known as Rhino). Please note that our Rhino Plugin is currently in beta mode, with more limited functionality and support than our SketchUp Plugin, as we continue to refine it. We just wanted to make it available to you as soon as we could. Check out our Rhino Forum for more information and to get help from the Land F/X community.
Webinar: F/X CAD for New AutoCAD Users Part III

F/X CAD 2018 for New AutoCAD Users - Part III

Presented by Amanda Berry
Webinar: F/X CAD 2018 for New Users Part III
Presented by Amanda Berry
March 23, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-7) 

In this final installment of our F/X CAD 2018 webinar trilogy, we'll dig even deeper into the essential principles of CAD design. We'll take you beyond the basics and provide some valuable insights into organizing your drawings and applying a better strategy to using the powerful tools available to you in AutoCAD.
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Keyboard Commands + Smart Arc

Keyboard Commands + Smart Arc

Presented by Jake Lott
This week’s Power Tip highlights a time-saving set of commands for placing irrigation heads. We'll show you how to move quickly through each planting area, ensuring proper coverage. When it comes time to place heads, remember to use our keyboard commands and Smart Arc for a fluid process that will have you laying out your heads in record time.
Power Tip: Keyboard Commands + Smart Arc
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Copy Tools Behaving Differently?

That's by design.

You may have noticed that our Copy along Line and Arc tools for plants, and Copy along Line and Polyline tools for irrigation heads, are acting in a way that’s a bit unfamiliar. For example, you might not see the Copy Spacing dialog box like you did before. Don’t worry – we updated these tools to include a bunch of super-handy keyboard commands for fine-tuning your spacing of the copied plants. You can type K with the tool active to see the commands. Just want to proceed straight to the Copy Spacing dialog box like before? Just type 1 and you’ll be on your merry way. Check out the links below to see how these updated features work. We think you'll love them! 

Copy Plants along Line & Arc
Copy heads along Line & Polyline

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