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Webinar: Common Land F/X Questions

Apr 02, 2018

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Land F/X Newsletter
Webinar: Common Land F/X Questions
Webinar: Common Land F/X Questions
Presented by: Amanda Berry
April 6, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time 

Land F/X is a powerful collection of tools that works immediately out of the box for instant efficiencies, but it has a lot of deeper levels. Once you've harnessed their full capabilities, these lesser-known tools can help reduce a two-week drafting process to just days. This webinar is for those who want to know what they don't already know about Land F/X. We'll answer some common questions we've culled from technical support calls and paid personalized training sessions. We'll also highlight tools that have high power but low usage, giving you the goods to pull ahead of your competition. Come equipped with your own questions – everything's fair game today!

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AutoCAD 2019

Not Compatible with Land F/X ... Yet.
AutoCAD 2019 is out! And as with every AutoCAD release, it's best to not jump to install it right away. Land F/X will not work with 2019 – yet. We have only just begun our battery of tests and potential modifications to the code. We're also reliant on OpenDCL for the display of many of our dialog boxes, and the folks over there are in the same boat as us: just getting into things. We may have an initial ability for OpenDCL and Land F/X to at least load successfully by the end of the week, however. Stay tuned for more updates.
Power Tip: Activating F/X CAD

Activating F/X CAD

Presented by: Shaun Rittenhouse
PowerTip: Activating F/X CAD
Licensing, or activating, F/X CAD requires two steps. First, you'll generate a Request Code. Upon receiving your Request Code, Autodesk will generate an Activation Code, which we'll send you – usually within one to two business days. We know it sounds complicated, but fear not. The Activator is here to help.
LABash 2018 at Penn State University

LABash 2018

Hosted by Penn State University
Start Date: Thursday, April 5, 2018
End Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018

The 48th-annual LABash takes place at Penn State University this year. It promises to be an engaging event with a plethora of speakers and workshops for college students to learn and network with those already established in the landscape architecture profession. Come by our booth and chat with Land F/X CEO and head developer Jeremiah Farmer. Enter our Passport Drawing for a chance to win a trip, on our dime, to ASLA in Philadelphia later this year. Most importantly, don't miss Jeremiah's workshop on Saturday, April 7, at 10 a.m.

We're happy to welcome Maxijet as an irrigation manufacturer partner, with products now available within our irrigation equipment library. Made in the USA, Maxijet's low-volume drip equipment is available for both turf and agricultural use. When adding drip emitters, look through Maxijet's available equipment and give them a try! From micro sprinkler spinners to vertical hang assemblies, Maxijet has something for every drip system.

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