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Guest Webinar: Understanding Pressure Regulation

Apr 23, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Newsletter April 23, 2018
Guest Webinar: Understanding Pressure Regulation
Guest Webinar: Understanding Pressure Regulation
Presented by: Kelsey Jacquard with Hunter Industries
April 27, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time 

As water conservation becomes more crucial, so does the need to design irrigation systems that minimize water use. Pressure regulation devices increase the efficiency and performance of your system designs by reducing the water pressure to a set, optimal rate. Join us as Kelsey Jacquard with Hunter Industries gives us an in-depth look at pressure regulation and why you should consider it for your designs. We'll cover what pressure regulation devicesare , how they work, and how and when they should be used.

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Power Tip: Copy Along Tools

Copy Along Tools

Presented by: Paul Houchin
Land F/X comes with a variety of tools that make placing blocks as easy as possible. Our Copy Along tools allow you to place blocks along a Polyline, Line, or Arc. Check out this week's Power Tip to get the most out of these tools!
Power Tip: Copy Along Tools

Update Land F/X

Version 14.48 now available.
Our team is constantly searching for ways to make your design experience better. Your yearly renewals include periodic updates to the software, which are inspired by requests from users like you. Don't forget to check for updates periodically to ensure you're taking advantage of the most recent tools and improvements.

Check out the latest features available with Land F/X 14.50.

Checking for Land F/X Updates

New Valve Size Attribute 

for Valve Callouts.
Our valve callout source files now include a Size attribute, so there's no longer a need to have a different source file for each valve size. As a result, you'll only need to maintain two callout files (one for the right callout and one for the left) for each valve callout style you customize. The (slightly) bad news: If you've already customized any of our valve callout styles, you'll need to make your changes again in the new source file(s) – which won't take long. Need to customize our valve callouts? See the links below for instructions.

Customize Valve Callouts

Valve Callout Attributes

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In conjunction with our release of the Manufacturer Connection for hardscape, we're excited to introduce Unilock, an industry-leading manufacturer of pavers and retaining walls, as our first hardscape partner. Check our Reference Notes (RefNotes) library for a partial selection of Unilock products, and stay tuned for even more.

Unilock’s diverse catalog includes both permeable and non-permeable paving solutions with an almost endless choice of material types, finishes, and pattern layouts.

You can now specify Unilock products such as Arcana, Eco-Line, and Tribeca Cobble by choosing an Area/Volume note through our RefNotes Manager. For more information on how to spec Unilock products, watch our recent Manufacturer Connection: Specifying Hardscapes webinar.

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