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Webinar: SketchUp Basics Part 2

May 08, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Newsletter May 7, 2018
Webinar: SketchUp Basics Part 2
Webinar: SketchUp Basics Part 2
Presented by: Jake Lott
May 11, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time 

Are you getting more comfortable with SketchUp but wanting to take your skills to the next level? Join us for Part 2 of our SketchUp Basics webinar series. We'll go into the proper use of components and when to use groups, as well as a few other cool right-click options when dealing with objects in your drawing. You'll learn some techniques for working with lines and dividing into segments. We'll also cover more rotate and copy tools, along with how to use and modify your paint and texture options.

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Power Tip: Intro to The Land F/X Rhino Plugin

Land F/X Rhino Plugin

Recommended by: WDI
Do you use Rhinoceros (Rhino) and wish you could get your CAD tree and shrub design in there for some stunning visuals? Now you can. Land F/X has a plugin for Rhino that allows you to go back and forth between multiple platforms, making edits to all your production drawings seamlessly. This Power Tip shows you how to get started right now.
Power Tip: Intro to The Land F/X Rhino Plugin
Academic Blog: Tools to Make your Capstone Projects Pop

Academic Blog

Tools to Make Your Capstone Projects Pop.

The end of the academic year is almost upon us, and that means many of you are looking for the best way to bring your landscape design capstone project to the next level with graphics in as little time as possible.

It's not too late to brush up on Land F/X and take advantage of our presentation tools. (After all, blood, sweat, and tears won't make for a great rendering.) Bring some trees into your base plan in minutes. Then transform your masterpiece using our instant Color Render and 3D Connection tools for SketchUp and Rhino. Finally, import your plan into Photoshop just for touch-ups. It'll look professional and communicate your vision clearly.
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Project Photo by Ben Baker
Photo Credit: Ben Baker (2018), BLA at Ball State University – made using Land F/X.
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