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Webinar: Intro to Landscape Design Photography

May 14, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Newsletter May 14, 2018
Webinar: Intro to Landscape Design Photography
Webinar: Intro to Landscape Design Photography
Presented by: Paul Houchin
May 18, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time 

You may have designed some great landscapes, but having high-quality photos of those designs is just as important for your portfolio as the plans themselves. While a professional photographer can be worth the cost, you may be interested in taking dynamic photos of your own designs. We're here to help feed that DIY spirit. Check out this webinar to pick up some helpful tips for using your camera and setting up shots to show off your space.
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Power Tip: Converting Concept Plants to Regular Plants

Converting Concept Plants To Regular Plants

Recommended by: IBI Group
Conceptual planting is a great way to convey your planting ideas at an early stage. The ability to convert a concept plan into a planting plan with individually assigned plants can save you a ton of time, and our Concept Planting tools will help you make it happen. Watch this this Power Tip to see how easy it is to set up and place concept planting through your design and then switch quickly from Concept Plants to final plants.
Power Tip: Converting Concept Plants to Regular Plants

Land F/X Friday Fun

May the Fourth Be With You.

Land F/X recently celebrated May the Fourth/ Cinco De Mayo with a Star Wars–themed party with taco bar and guacamole contest. Land F/X-ers love to get things done and provide our customers with stellar service, but we also like to have some fun and boogaloo!
Land F/X May the Fourth Be With You
Guacamole Contest
Land F/X: BTS
Quick Trick: New Ability to Select an Existing Polyline

Concept Lines: Select Existing Polyline

We've recently updated our Concept Lines tool to allow the selection of an existing polyline – even one in an Xref – to convert into a Concept Line. This new capability will make it even easier to generate Concept Lines (available in our Concept Graphics Manager), often used to represent a linear object such as a boundary, or usage such as pedestrian, bike, or vehicular travel. Plus, you can use our FXPLODE command to instantly convert your Concept Line back into a polyline. 
Select Existing Polyline

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