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Webinar: Grading and Drainage

May 29, 2018

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Webinar: Grading and Drainage
Presented by: Amanda Berry
June 1, 2018
10:00 AM Pacific Time 

An accurate and clearly communicated grading plan is essential to the construction phase of a project. In this webinar, you'll learn some simple grading processes using Land F/X annotation tools, as well as some basics in Civil 3D for more dynamic site modeling. We'll explore how to automate your grading workflow based on the needs of the project.
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Power Tip: Manufacturer Cloud Content Library

Manufacturer Cloud Content Library

Land F/X puts an extensive library of manufacturer-supplied content at your disposal. Our industry-leading standards allow any designer, firm, or university student to use this content while maintaining streamlined layer usage and manageable file sizes. No external downloading, importing, or auditing required – just pick and place.

Watch this week’s Power Tip to see why our standardized content is a great addition to your plans.
Power Tip: Manufacturer Cloud Content Library
How to Get the Most Out of New Irrigation Software

How to Get The Most Out of New Irrigation Software


Incorporating interviews from a handful of irrigation designers, this article on the Landscape Management website provides an overview and analysis of the various software platforms at their disposal – including some nice mentions of Irrigation F/X. We’re especially grateful to interviewee (and Land F/X client) Matthew Copp of LRC Landscape Architecture in Oxford, MS, who remarks on the efficiency of plan revisions enabled by Irrigation F/X, while also noting that “updates and modifications – like user commands, symbols and schedules – are based off of user input.” Have a few minutes? It's a quick read.
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