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Photo Contest: June 1– 29

Jun 04, 2018

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Land F/X Newsletter June 4, 2018
Photo Contest: June 1– 29
Land F/X Photo Contest (June 1 - June 29)
The annual Land F/X Photo Contest is here! You only have one month to submit your high-quality photos, along with any drawings, details, and renderings, for as many projects as you want. Enter one (or more) of the nine categories for a chance to win a drone, a camera, or an iPad!
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Webinar: SketchUp for Intermediate Users

SketchUp for Intermediate Users

Presented by: Jake Lott
June 4, 2018
10 AM Pacific Time

By now, you've learned the basics of SketchUp and are ready to put those skills to the test. Join us as we focus on SketchUp components – what types of components are available, how to create them, and when to use each type. We'll also take a deeper look into other features within the dialog settings and introduce plugins that will help with your basic workflow within SketchUp.
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Power Tip: Photo Callouts

Photo Callouts

Recommended by: David Farmer
Photo callouts are important to help your client visualize your design. With our Photo Callout tool, you can use images from an automatic online search, or browse to your own photos, to call out plants, Concept Graphics, or site design elements. In this Power Tip, we’ll go over all the options available with this useful tool and show you how easy it is to place a photo callout.
Power Tip: Photo Callouts

What's this? Another Office Lunch.

Fridays are for togetherness and laughs – and this time, to celebrate Shaun's 1-year anniversary at Land F/X. He loves being in the foreground!
A room full of balloons for Panda's birthday. You can't spell "happy birthday" without carbon dioxide. Actually, maybe you can – but it's not as much fun.
Quick Trick:  Do Right and Left Labels Look Different?

Do Right and Left Plant Labels Look Different?


Do the right and left versions of your plant labels look completely different from each other when placed? For example, you may see a callout box in your labels that extend to the left of plants in your drawing, but no box in the labels on the right side. Or the boxes look different from each other from side to side. If so, your drawing might include a predefined block of an old label style.
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