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Webinar: Working With Scale

Jan 14, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Newsletter January 14, 2019
Webinar: Working with Scale
Webinar: Working with Scale
Presented by:  Paul Houchin
January 18, 2019
10:00 a.m. Pacific Time 

Proper scale practice is not only essential to Land F/X but to the entire fields of landscape and irrigation design. Join us this week to learn all about setting up drawing scales. We’ll do some scale troubleshooting and show you when and how to use scaling techniques such as splitting your drawing into different scales, scaling details, and changing the scale of your entire drawing.

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Power Tip - New Features from 2018: Details and Site

New Features from 2018: Details and Site

In 2018, we introduced some fantastic new features to the software. Check out this week's Power Tip for some information on the more notable new features that are related to the Site and Details side of Land F/X.

Climate Change Mitigation & Landscape Architecture

Climate Change Mitigation & Landscape Architecture
SteelStacks Arts + Cultural Campus, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. WRT | 2017 ASLA Honor Award, General Design   

A recent ASLA article explores how landscape architects are working toward a carbon-neutral future. To counter the threats posed by this global crisis, everyone needs to be involved. Read the full article using the link below.
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