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Webinar: Start To Finish Basics of Irrigation Design

Feb 04, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Webinar: Start To Finish Basics of Irrigation Design
Webinar: Start to Finish Basics of Irrigation Design
Presented by: Jake Lott
February 8, 2019
10:00 a.m. Pacific Time 

Are you just getting started in the industry, or do you need a refresher on the basics of irrigation design? Join us as we cover the basics of irrigation terminology. This webinar will help give you an understanding of how to specify the proper equipment, talk about important concepts of irrigation design, and create a complete irrigation plan from start to finish.

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Power Tip: Land F/X-Software Debugging Unit

Land F/X: Software Debugging Unit

In the software coding justice system, software-based bugs are considered most horrendous. In San Luis Obispo, the dedicated coders who investigate these nefarious errors are part of a super-neato squad known as the Software Debugging Unit. These are their reports.
New Unique Lighting Systems Transformers and Hubs

New Unique Lighting Systems Transformers and Hubs

Unique Lighting Systems
Our lighting equipment database now includes transformers and HUB housing units from Unique Lighting.

Unique Lighting's HUB installation method is designed to reduce maintenance and simplify troubleshooting by providing moisture protection and drastically decreasing the number of wire connections needed for a lighting system. The company's transformer line includes 150- and 300-watt models, as well as the higher-wattage I-Force and Direct Burial models. All are designed for easy installation. You can spec each of these products from the HUBs and Transformers sections of our Lighting Manager.

Lighting Manager
Will Copenhagen’s Eco-Friendly Man-Made Islands Pay Off?

Land F/X Article Opinion 

Will Copenhagen’s Eco-Friendly Man-Made Islands Pay Off?
Feargus O'Sullivan  January 15, 2019
Will Copenhagen's Eco-Friendly Man-Made Islands Pay Off?
A rendering from designers Urban Power of the proposed archipelago at Hvidovre Urban Power for Hvidovre Municipality
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Something’s Awesome in the State of Denmark
An opinion by Jeremiah Farmer

This article from the CityLab website appears to take issue with greater Copenhagen’s plan to create 740 acres of offshore artificial islands. Unfortunately, the author implies that Copenhagen is mistaken in its pursuit of this ambitious 50-year development, despite its stated goals of achieving carbon neutrality and combatting rising sea levels.

In actuality, the proposal is nothing short of applaudable. We have seen airports built offshore – first in Tokyo and Hong Kong – then entire communities in Dubai and Bahrain. Compared with the smaller, more incremental methods undertaken in Manhattan and San Francisco, these developments are quite intriguing. As we naturally run out of space, how should we approach development on islands? This Copenhagen model is truly unique and, by design, is a comment on island development. It essentially sets a necessary precedent of carbon waste reduction and flood protection. It is, in my mind, the single best way to approach development, and I commend it.

It's too bad this author takes the basic tack of, "How dare you attempt anything ambitious until you have solved every other problem and made everybody perfectly happy.”

–Jeremiah Farmer, Land F/X CEO


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