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Webinar: Marketing Techniques for Landscape Architecture Firms

Feb 13, 2019

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Land F/X Weekly Newsletter February 13, 2019
Webinar: Marketing Techniques for Landscape Architecture Firms
Presented by: Krisjan Hiner, Stack Rock Group
February 15, 2019
10:00 a.m. Pacific Time 

Growing your landscape architecture firm shouldn't depend on luck. Often afraid of being labeled “salespeople,” too many landscape architects rely on 1980s marketing tactics such as faxing, taking out yellow-pages ads, and waiting by the phone. Join Stack Rock Group Co-Founder Krisjan Hiner, and learn how the company grew from a two-person operation with 50% overhead to a successful firm spanning two states. Krisjan will discuss marketing, social media, and networking while helping you devise an action plan to start improving your firm’s marketing strategy today.
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Power Tip: Menuload


Power Tip: Menuload
You can’t see your Land F/X tools in AutoCAD, and you need to load your Land F/X menus manually. Sounds scary, right?  In fact, with just a few quick and easy steps, you’ll be up and running in no time. This Power Tip will show you how to use the MENULOAD command to recover your Land F/X tools and get back to designing.

Land F/X Article Opinion 

American Society of Landscape Architects  January 23, 2019
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Save Us from the Death Machines
An opinion by Jason Hilford

The grim statistics cited in ASLA’s “Deadly by Design” article didn’t surprise me at all. Much of our relatively young nation’s infrastructure has sprung up since the advent, and in service, of the automobile, so it follows that walking is often dangerous here. 

Unfortunately, locales that have the highest need for pedestrian-friendly infrastructure are commonly those that can’t, or won’t, pay for it. As the article points out, pedestrians killed by cars in the U.S. “are disproportionately from vulnerable groups, including people of color, those living in low-income communities, Native peoples, and the elderly.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s criminal that these populations bear the brunt of the auto-centric municipal planning of our past and, even more disconcerting, present.

My infinitely wise co-worker Paul once told me that landscape architects bridge the gap between humankind and the natural world. Walking is the most natural of our transportation options. Our upright bodies are built for it, and it's meditative, costs nothing, requires no gear, and doesn’t kill trees or melt icecaps. So I guess it’s up to you to help bring us closer to our natural state – and apparently, save lives. My sincere thanks for what you do.

–Jason Hilford
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