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Newsletter - April 1, 2019

Apr 01, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Bob Beers w/ Baseline
Presented by: Bob Beers
(w/ Chris Wright)

April 5, 2019
10 a.m. Pacific Time

Learn all about the relationship between pressure in a mainline and how changes in PSI can influence downstream flow rates. Presented by Bob Beers (and Chris Wright) of Baseline, this webinar will review several solutions to for capturing PSI readings within a hydraulic structure. You'll also pick up some valuable tips on how to manage those configurations as intelligently as possible.

Our annual Land F/X Photo Contest is here. You only have one month to submit your high-quality photos of sites designed with our software, along with any relevant drawings, details, and renderings. Enter any or all of the contest categories for a chance at some awesome prizes: a camera, Apple Watch, drawing tablet, and a high-tech curved monitor.
Power Tip: Multileader Plant Labels
Presented by: Amanda Berry
Recommended By: Stephen E. Meehan, Landscape Architect

In this video, we cover a simple workflow to create a 3D terrain using Land F/X’s smart Spot Elevation callouts. We use the SketchUp extensions Guide Tools and Toposhaper to complete these quick steps, with the option of creating contours of your grading plan for exporting back to your 2D CAD drawing.
Opinion Article by Kyler Gronner - Make Room for Roof

Make Room for Roof

by Kyler Gronner
Living Roof Photo by Andreas Walker
Photo by: Andreas Walker 

Real estate values are rising, modern living spaces are shrinking, and it's hardly surprising that gardens and nature spaces are the first casualties of the concrete, urban world. But with a little imagination and construction integrity, you can create the room to reintroduce beautiful and interactive nature to our work and living spaces.


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