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Newsletter - May 20, 2019

May 20, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Weekly Newsletter May 20, 2019
Webinar: Dotting your Irrigation I's with Jake Lott

Presented by: Jake Lott
May 24, 2019
10 a.m. Pacific Time

Some of your clients may require you to match their standards – a venture that may seem complicated and downright daunting. We’ll help you build your confidence in determining which fonts, blocks, and linetypes to change and where to change them. Take a listen to Jake Lott, our in-house irrigation guru, as he uses the Department of Transportation (DoT) as an example. Each client will have different styles and requirements, but the concept is the same:  You should feel comfortable matching any client’s standards.

Power Tip: A Ruff Life
Power Tip: A Ruff Life
Presented by: Shaun Rittenhouse

Dogs give their love unconditionally. They ask for nothing in return. If you can forget the rest of the static around you for a brief time and see life through the eyes of a dog, you can see the simplicity of a peaceful existence. Take a tour of Land F/X through the eyes of Bella, and for 214 seconds forget all the other malarkey.
Limited Staff Memorial Day May 27
The Land F/X Office will have limited staff in observance of Memorial Day on May 27.
Limited Staff Memorial Day May 27
Ride the (Former) Rails-Opinion Article by Jason Hilford
Ride the (Former) Rails
Ride the (Former) Rails
by Jason Hilford

The rail-to-trail movement has turned unused railroad corridors into bike paths for decades, but this project is simply mind-blowing. The prospect of a contiguous bicycle route across the U.S. has set my inner sprockets in motion wondering when I’ll hit the trail. The railroad routes of old tend to traverse what’s now remote, lightly traveled country, so their conversion to long-form bike paths makes complete sense. 

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