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Newsletter - July 15, 2019

Jul 15, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Newsletter July 1, 2019
Webinar: Working with Dimensions in Land F/X

Presented by:  Paul Houchin
July 19, 2019
10 a.m. Pacific Time

Dimensioning is a key practice in drafting various working drawings. Land F/X provides a system for dimensioning that is quick and painless – if you know how to use it. We’ll show you all the necessary steps for setting up Dimension Styles (DimStyles) and saving them into Land F/X. We’ll also provide some general practice tips and go over some common troubleshooting items.

Power Tip: What's New With F/X CAD 2020
Power Tip: What's New With F/X CAD 2020

Presented by: Amanda Berry

Here’s everything you can look forward to when you upgrade to F/X CAD 2020. We've added more ribbon tools on the F/X side, plus more speed, graphics, and enhanced features on the CAD side. Quick measure, drawing compare and finding unpurgeable items are just a taste of what you’ll get. Dive into dark blue with 2020!

New Manufacturer: HotBox Enclosures
New Manufacturer: HotBox Enclosures

New Manufacturer: HotBox Enclosures 

We’ve expanded our list of irrigation manufacturers to include Hot Box – manufacturer of the irrigation equipment enclosures of the same name. Designed for safe installation, Hot Box enclosures allow for easy maintenance of irrigation equipment in the most economical, safe, and accessible location: outside and above ground. Choose from construction materials ranging from aluminum to fiberglass, plastic, imitation rock textures, and more. Access options include drop-over, flip-top, single-panel, and dual-panel.

You can find Hot Box enclosures in the Auxiliary Equipment > Enclosures section of our Irrigation Manager.

HotBox Enclosures
Raising The (Green) Roof an Opinion by Amanda Berry
Raising the (Green) Roof an Opinion by Amanda Berry

Raising the (Green) Roof an Opinion by Amanda Berry

Toronto’s Hotel X, featured in Maglin’s recent newsletter, is an excellent example of good city policy promoting a culture of sustainable design. It boasts 6 green roofs, extensive underground rainwater collection for irrigation, energy-efficient building design, and a great programmed plan to continue reducing waste into the future. It’s a microcosm of Toronto’s increasingly green development policies, and I’d like to see even more of this type of construction.


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