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Newsletter - July 22, 2019

Jul 22, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Land F/X Weekly Newsletter July 22, 2019

Presented by:  Shelly Walker – GPH Irrigation
July 26, 2019
10 a.m. Pacific Time

With so many options for drip equipment, figuring out which type best suits your project can be overwhelming. You can simplify the selection process – and separate yourself from the competition – by recognizing a few key factors.  We’ll show you some applications that will help make your projects as efficient and environmentally responsible as possible. You’ll gain some valuable insight that will streamline your equipment specification and shed a whole new light on your irrigation projects.

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Power Tip: Generic Plant Blocks
Power Tip: Generic Plant Blocks

Presented by: Paul Houchin

Generic plant blocks provide a quick way to jump into CAD and start designing your planting plan right away. With these blocks, you can place plants immediately without the need to set up a project or any planting data. Check out this week’s Power Tip for all you need to know about these handy blocks.

New Product: Anova Canyon
New Product: Anova Canyon

New Product: Anova Canyon

We’ve recently added Anova’s new Canyon series gabion-style benches and stools to our site furnishings library. For an easy solution for outdoor seating, simply add the stone of your choice to the cage, then mount the seat cap on top. Designed to add a rugged and natural look to any outdoor space, the Canyon collection features a heavy-gauge aluminum cage frame and stainless-steel mesh panels. Seat caps are available in steel, recycled plastic, or Thermory ash.

You can specify Anova Canyon benches and stools using the Site Amenity option within our RefNote Manager.

New Product: Anova Canyon

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