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Wednesday, 15 July 2020 10:48

New Manufacturer Partner: Brilliance LED

We’re delighted to report that Brilliance LED has become our newest lighting manufacturer partner.

Brilliance LED manufactures an assortment of hand-crafted fixtures, power supply options, and high-performance landscape retrofit lamps serving both the commercial and residential markets. At the core of its catalog, the company's National Parks fixtures offer a well-rounded set of lighting options in a variety of materials.

Look for Brilliance LED products in our Lighting Manager under the Low-Voltage and Power sections.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 10:44

New Manufacturer Partner: DIG Corporation

DIG Corporation has made our month by rejoining us as an irrigation manufacturer partner.

Since its foundation in 1981, DIG has expanded into a distributor of battery-operated irrigation controllers and a manufacturer of low-volume irrigation products, including drip tubing, dripline, fittings, and accessories. A significant portion of the company's catalog is devoted to the LEIT Controllers product line, which employs a proprietary technology that relies solely on ambient light for power.

You can find DIG products in the Drip, Valves, and Auxiliary Equipment sections of our Irrigation Manager.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 10:42

New Product Added: Rain Master TWICE 2-Wire Decoders

We've recently added Rain Master’s TWICE 2-wire decoders, which ensure system integrity between the TWICE module and irrigation valves.

Each decoder has a unique address that's programmable at the interface module, which will shut off automatically in the event of a communication loss. An open circuit or short will turn off any valve within a 100-foot operating radius from the decoder(s).

When specifying these decoders, you can choose between the TW-D-1, -2, or -4 for the corresponding number of controllable valves. You can find them in our Irrigation Manager under Auxiliary Equipment > Controller Accessories.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 10:40

Product Update: Netafim Techline HCVXR (to HCVXR-CS)

Netafim has recently expanded its dripline product offerings with significant upgrades to the standard HCVXR dripline. The newly named HCVXR-CS incorporates Cupron® copper oxide-based technology, infused directly into both the emitter and stripe of the dripline for improved performance and three-level protection from root intrusion.

Look for Netafim's HCVXR-CS dripline in the Drip > Dripline section of our Irrigation Manager.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 10:25

Unilock: 49 New Products Added

Unilock has recently made some significant changes to its product listings, including the addition of 49 new items. Every paving category has been expanded with new products, from interlocking to permeable.

The freshly added products (listed with each product’s available laying patterns) are as follows: Anchorlock (A), Arcana (A / B / C / D / 12x24 RB / 12x24 SB / 18x24 RB / 18x24 SB), Beacon Hill (G), Beacon Hill XL (SB), Boulevard (B), Brussels Block (C / J / K / Q), Duraflow (A), Duramat (A), Eco Priora (A / B / C / G), Europaver (C / D / E / F / G / H / J), Hollandstone (G), Il Campo (B / C), Mattoni (E), Metro Slab (15x30 RB / 15x30 SB), Optiloc (A / B), Promenade (8x24 C), Richcliff (E / F / G / H / I / J / K), Skyline (606), Town Hall (A), Umbriano (Random B), Westport (A / B).

While working in CAD, you can browse the wide variety of products in Unilock’s growing catalog from within our RefNotes Manager.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Tuesday, 14 July 2020 11:31

Precision Pumping Systems – New Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that Precision Pumping Systems (PPS) has joined our family of irrigation manufacturer partners. PPS designs and manufacturers packaged pumping systems to projects' exact requirements, ranging from 30 GPM booster stations to 15,000 GPM pump systems and control panels from ½ hp up to 700 hp. A second-generation family-owned and operated company, PPS has provided custom pump systems for almost half a century.

Look for PPS products under "Booster Pumps" in the Auxiliary Equipment section of our Irrigation Manager.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020 11:28

Simplified Unilock Product List

The recent overhaul of Unilock’s catalog didn’t just include the addition of new products. Some products have also been condensed or removed in the interest of streamlining product selection.

Because the Brussels Premier and Brussels block lines are the same pattern with different finish options, they have been condensed into Brussels block. The remaining products in the following list have been removed from the catalog because they are specialty items, but all are still available from Unilock by contacting your rep directly. The condensed or removed products (listed with each product’s laying patterns) are as follows: Brussels Premier (All), Camelot (All), Ecoloc (A), Il Campo (D / F / H), Porcelain (All), Promenade 3x12 (A / B / C), Promenade 6x24 (A / D), Senzo (A / B), Series (F / G / I / K), Umbriano (A / B / E).

You can browse Unilocks's entire catalog from our Site Manager.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Thursday, 04 June 2020 15:16

Discontinued: Hunter Nozzle

Hunter Industries continually evaluates irrigation professionals' needs as a prime factor in the company's endeavor to develop innovative, high-quality products – including the improvement of its existing product line. To that end, Hunter has recently introduced 11 high-performance nozzles for its best-selling I-25 rotor. Each of these new nozzles features a rounded face and an refined geometric design for easier insertion into the sprinkler. They have the same flow and radius specifications as the original nozzles and are retrofit compatible with all I-25 models. As a result of these improvements, Hunter has eliminated the #5 nozzle from its product offering.

For more information, visit

You can browse Hunter's entire catalog from our Irrigation Manager.

Thursday, 04 June 2020 15:00

New Products: Rain Bird 702 and 752 Rotors

Rain Bird has recently released the 702 and 752 series valve-in-head rotors for golf applications, and we’ve added them to our equipment library for you to specify. These rotors replace the 700/751 series and are designed to offer faster, easier adjustments with fewer parts with the intention to minimize maintenance and simplify inventory.

The full-circle 702 series lists standard electric or integrated control models, each with standard and wind-tolerant nozzle options. The 752 series lists the same electric or integrated models, but with standard and low-angle nozzle options.

You can find the 702 and 752 Series Rotors in the Heads > Valve-In-Head Rotors section of our Irrigation Manager.

Thursday, 04 June 2020 14:52

New Products: FX Luminaire Fixtures

We've been busy adding new fixture additions from F/X Luminaire to our lighting database. Rounding out this expansion effort is the second of two large batches of LED-compatible fixtures.

This batch includes 16 new standard fixtures and their corresponding categories:

  • Downlights: C-DL, CL, MD, MD-SS.
  • Hardscape lights: BP, MM.
  • Path/Area lights: C-PL-4, C-PL-7, CA(-A), DL(-A), DM(-A), SP-A.
  • Uplight: C-UL, C-WW, MR, MR-LS, WS.

FX Luminaire's standard fixtures offer a variety of possible materials, as well as options for retrofit drop-in lamps such as the MR-16, MR-11, and G4. You can browse FX Luminaire's growing catalog via our Lighting Manager.

For information about our award-winning lighting module, see our Lighting Features page

Monday, 18 May 2020 11:45

New Soil Structure System Detail – Citygreen Stratavault

At the request of a Land F/X client, we’ve added the Citygreen Stratavault Soil Structure System to our constantly expanding installation detail library. The Stratavault is a system of modular structural soil cells for tree pits. Made entirely from recycled material, the modules snap together for efficient assembly. Available with a load capacity up to 450kpa/65.2psi, the Stratavault system prevents pavement failure while allowing room for healthy roots to grow.

Look for the installation detail for the Citygreen Stratavault in our Detail Explorer under F/X Detail Library > Planting > Citygreen.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 18 May 2020 10:59

New Products: Hot Box Aluminum Enclosures

Since becoming partners with us last year, Hot Box has provided Irrigation F/X users with a wide variety of enclosures for almost any irrigation project.

The most recent additions to the company's catalog are the Aluminum Dropover and Aluminum Modular series, each with heated or unheated options to handle freezing conditions.

Hot Box's durable, industrial-style enclosures are manufactured from corrosion- and UV resistant-aluminum. Because they are customizable, these enclosures are suitable for larger projects.

You can find these new enclosure models, and browse the rest of Hot Box's catalog, through our Irrigation Manager > Auxiliary Equipment > Enclosures.

Monday, 18 May 2020 10:51

New Products: FX Luminaire Fixtures

FX Luminaire has recently provided a host of new products for our lighting equipment library. We'll be adding them in two batches.

The first batch includes 23 new designer fixtures and their corresponding categories:

  • Downlights: QL, QT, SD, VC, ZC, ZW-DN, and ZW-UD
  • Hardscape lights: HP-48, SL-BV, SL-CV, SL-FT, SL-RD, and VO
  • Path/Area lights: M-PJ, M-PK, M-PL, and M-PZ
  • Specialty lights: LP
  • Uplights: FR, FR-LS, NR, NR-LS
  • Well lights: KT

FX Luminaire's designer fixtures incorporate heavy-duty materials and integrated LED boards with zoning, dimming, and even color-changing capabilities.

You can browse FX Luminaire's growing catalog via our Lighting Manager. For information about our award-winning lighting module, see our Lighting Features page

Monday, 18 May 2020 10:44

New Products: Landscape Forms Benches and TUUCI/Landscape Forms Sun Shades

Landscape Forms has recently expanded its extensive catalog with additions to the bench seating and sun shade product lines.

The Perisphere bench is a tribute to the iconic New York City park bench designed for the 1939 World's Fair, available in multiple model options, while the Rai bench comes in configurations that can stand alone or conjoin to meet the needs of public spaces.

The new sun shade options are the results of a collaboration between Landscape Forms and shade innovator TUUCI. The wider Ocean Master series can accommodate the two new Max-F1 sun shades, designed for durability and wind resistance, while the new Bay Master Max sun shades are built for coastal settings.

You can browse Landscape Forms' entire catalog in CAD, via our Reference Notes or Site Amenities managers.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Wednesday, 15 April 2020 10:20

New Products: Rain Bird Controllers and Controller Accessories

Rain Bird's newest line of 2-wire irrigation controllers is now available in our irrigation equipment database. Designed for large spaces such as housing complexes, sports fields, and parks, the ESP-LXIVM 2-wire controller comes in different configurations that include both 60- and 240-station models.

You can find the ESP-LXIVM 2-wire controller and accessories in the Auxiliary Equipment section of our Irrigation Manager.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 10:03

New Products: Hunter Controllers and Central Control

Hunter Industries has expanded its Controller and Central Control product lines, adding the NODE-BT, Bluetooth Tap Timer and Centralus Central Control products.

The NODE-BT controller is a 1-, 2-, or 4-station bluetooth battery-operated controller for residential and commercial applications. The battery-operated Bluetooth Tap Timer is designed for smaller areas, offering 1- or 2-station capacity and controlled via smartphone.

Hunter has also expanded its cloud-based irrigation management platform, Centralus, by adding Wi-Fi and Ethernet modules (A2C) for their ACC2 controllers.

You can browse Hunter's entire catalog from our Irrigation Manager.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 10:00

New Products: Weathermatic Rotors, Controllers, and Valves

We've added a stack of new items to Weathermatic's catalog in the Land F/X database this past month, including turf rotors, controllers, quick coupler valves, and smart control drip zone kits.

The 6000 Series feature a 4- or 12-inch pop-up, while the 6500 Series Rotors are 4-inch pop-ups only. Both series come in check valve and purple cap options for non-potable applications.

SoloRain Battery-operated controllers fit all Weathermatic valves and are designed for smaller-scale applications from 1 to 4 zones. The 8014ESR is available with valve adapter kits for other manufacturers.

Signature 1-inch quick coupler valves are available in NPT or BSP connection types, and the purple cap can be specified for any non-potable applications.

Finally, Weathermatic's Smart Control Zone kits incorporate pre-assembled valves, filters, and pressure regulators with ultra-low flow capability. They’re applicable to residential and commercial applications.

You can browse Weathermatic's entire catalog from our Irrigation Manager.

Monday, 09 March 2020 15:53

New Product: Buckner Superior Shrub Impact

Another recent addition to Buckner Superior's catalog is the A123 shrub impact rotor, now available in our equipment database. The A123's brass and stainless-steel construction, with single-nozzle or dual over-under nozzle model options, makes it a durable and corrosion-resistant option for applications such as large landscape or turf irrigation, waste-water treatment, and dust control.

You can find A123 models in the Heads > Shrub Impact section of our Irrigation Manager.

Monday, 09 March 2020 12:03

New Products: Hunter Controller and Turf Rotor

Hunter Industries' new X2 controller and I-50 turf rotor are now available in our irrigation database.

The X2, an economical controller choice for residential or commercial irrigation, includes optional Wi-Fi connectivity to Hunter's Hydrawise technology. It can run 4, 6, 8 or 14 stations in your design, each with the same Wi-Fi capability.

The I-50 turf rotor's non-stripping planetary drive gear makes it ideal for projects with challenging water quality conditions and large turf areas. Available options for this rotor include standard single nozzle, dual-opposing nozzles, purple cover for reclaimed water, and a turf cup kit.

You can browse Hunter Industries' entire catalog from our Irrigation Manager.

Monday, 09 March 2020 12:01

New Product: K-Rain Turf Rotor

We've recently added the RPS75i to K-Rain's already substantial collection of shrub rotors in our irrigation database. Incorporating a simple flow control, this rotor is designed for even water distribution, elimination of dry spots, and improved zone performance.

When specifying this product, you can choose between standard-angle and low-angle nozzles available in either plastic or stainless steel, with a further check valve option.

Thursday, 05 March 2020 16:25

New Irrigation Manufacturer Details - Leemco Piping Solutions

We’re delighted to add Leemco products to our ever-growing installation detail library. Leemco offers a wide range of products for golf, commercial, and municipal piping systems with a focus on durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. You can now find installation details for a number of Leemco’s valves, fittings, joint restraints, adapters, and saddles in our Detail Explorer under F/X Detail Library > Irrigation > Leemco.

Thursday, 06 February 2020 12:45

New Hardscape Manufacturer - Envirospec

Envirospec’s Pave-El paver pedestal is now available in our library of details. Pave-El is a pedestal that elevates and levels pavers to provide a drainage plane between the pavers and waterproofed supporting structure beneath. Applicable for roof decks, balconies, terraces, plazas, and dry-deck water fountains, Pave-El is designed to prevent paver damage and waterproof membrane deterioration due to water entrapment. You can find Envirospec’s Pave-El details in the Detail Explorer under F/X Detail Library > Site Improvements > Envirospec.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Wednesday, 05 February 2020 12:42

New Lighting Manufacturer Partner - Unmei LEDs

We're excited to announce that Unmei LEDs has joined Land F/X as a lighting manufacturer partner. The company manufacturers submersible 316L stainless-steel LED light fixtures, with a number of DMX-controllable color changing LED options. Unmei’s UL-listed, IP68-rated fixtures range from small 5W up to powerful 96W lights for custom or retrofit installation in fountains, swimming pools, splash pads, and dry applications. You can find Unmei submersible LED lights in our Lighting Manager.

Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:55

New Manufacturer Partner - Amiad Filtration Systems

We're thrilled to announce that after some time working with our team behind the scenes, Amiad Filtration Systems has joined our family of irrigation manufacturer partners. For more than half a century, Amiad has provided filtration solutions aimed at solving irrigation water challenges year-round and worldwide. Amiad's product line of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual filter series, featuring steel or plastic bodies of all sizes, ranges in application from agriculture and horticulture to greenhouse and landscape.

Look for Amiad products in the Auxiliary Equipment section of our Irrigation Manager.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 12:00

New Products Added - Disc, Peak, and Stretch

We've recently added Landscape Forms' new, reimagined sun shades – Disc, Peak, and Stretch – to their existing range of site furnishings and amenities in our system. Designed through an architectural lens and inspired by the elegance of post and beam construction, these sun shades provide a fresh take on the traditional parasol.

You can find and place these sun shade models by selecting the Amenity option within our RefNote Manager and selecting Landscape Forms > Sun Shades.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 11:58

New Product Added - SPV Valve Series

We've recently added Buckner Superior's new SPV Series remote control valve to the company's existing range of irrigation products in the Land F/X database. The SPV, a premium glass-filled nylon valve featuring a scrubbing rod and filter system, provides protection for both dirty- and recycled-water applications. Standard models are available, along with options for a pressure-regulating module add-on and a reclaimed water option with a purple handle. All variations are available in 1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-inch sizes.

You can find and place the SPV models through the Valves > Remote Control Valves section of our Irrigation Manager.

Monday, 29 July 2019 12:01

New Products: Iconic & Kontur Series

Maglin’s new Iconic series of benches and tables is now available in our site amenities database. Available backed or backless, and with optional side and center arms, Iconic benches incorporate ends consisting of solid cast aluminum and seats made from either ipe or thermally modified ash.

We’ve also added the new Kontur series, which includes a welded steel table and formed steel chair. The table, which features a rolled edge and umbrella hole, is designed specifically to pair with the stackable chair.

To specify the Iconic and Kontur series, or other Maglin site furnishings, use the Site Amenity option within our RefNote Manager.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 22 July 2019 10:51

New Products: Anova Canyon

We’ve recently added Anova’s new Canyon series gabion-style benches and stools to our site furnishings library. For an easy solution for outdoor seating, simply add the stone of your choice to the cage, then mount the seat cap on top. Designed to add a rugged and natural look to any outdoor space, the Canyon collection features a heavy-gauge aluminum cage frame and stainless-steel mesh panels. Seat caps are available in steel, recycled plastic, or Thermory ash.

You can specify Anova Canyon benches and stools using the Site Amenity option within our RefNote Manager.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 15 July 2019 08:29

HotBox - New Manufacturer

We’ve expanded our list of irrigation manufacturers to include Hot Box – manufacturer of the irrigation equipment enclosures of the same name. Designed for safe installation, Hot Box enclosures allow for easy maintenance of irrigation equipment in the most economical, safe, and accessible location: outside and above ground. Choose from construction materials ranging from aluminum to fiberglass, plastic, imitation rock textures, and more. Access options include drop-over, flip-top, single-panel, and dual-panel.

You can find Hot Box enclosures in the Auxiliary Equipment > Enclosures section of our Irrigation Manager.

Thursday, 30 May 2019 12:07

Flomec - New Manufacturer

We’re thrilled to welcome Flomec to our ever-growing list of irrigation manufacturer partners. Flomec designs, engineers, and manufactures a variety of flowmeters and other products serving commercial and retail applications ranging from agriculture to engineering and HVAC across the globe.

Look for Flomec products such as the QS200 Ultrasonic flowmeter among our collection of irrigation equipment. The QS200 is available in five pipe sizes ranging from one to four inches. The QS200 has no moving parts, which helps keep installation easy and maintenance at a minimum.

You can find it in our Irrigation Manager under Auxiliary Equipment > Flow Sensors. In the near future, look for more Flomec products in the Water Meters section of the Irrigation Manager as well.

Monday, 08 April 2019 13:14

New K-Rain Products Added!

We've just added K-Rain’s 6000 Series valves to our equipment database. This manual control (distribution) valve has 4- (6400) or 6-outlet (6600) model options that can change between watering two to four, and five to six zones respectively. A reclaimed-water option is also available for each model, denoted by a purple top. This series can be used on in-line or pump fed applications, with a minimum flow requirement of 15 GPM and a pressure operating range of 25 – 150 PSI.

Find K-Rain’s 6000 Series valves in the Manual Control Valve section of our Irrigation Manager.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 11:40

NEW Buckner Superior Product - Pressure Regulating Module

Buckner Superior’s new PRS-MOD pressure-regulating module is an ideal addition to retrofits and new installations alike. Easily installed via threading into the solenoid port, the PRS-MOD adds flexibility to your specification of Superior Brand base valves by regulating outlet pressure at the valve. Compatible with Superior 950, 950DW, 950DWIB, 950SD, 1000, and 800 valves, it will regulate and maintain outlet pressure between 10 and 100 PSI in dial adjustments of 5 PSI within systems with up to 200 PSI of incoming pressure.

Note that the existing 950PRS, with its factory-installed, side-mounted pressure regulator, will retain its place within the Buckner Superior product line. The PRS-MOD is designed to add regulation to valves already installed in the field, or for installation with base Superior valves for regulation without the need for external tubing. We’ve added PRS-MOD options to each compatible Superior valve series listed above. You can find them in the Valves > Remote Control Valves section of our Irrigation Manager.

Monday, 10 December 2018 14:32

Landscape Products - New Manufacturer

We're happy to announce the addition of Landscape Products Inc. to the Land F/X Irrigation family. Landscape Products started manufacturing plastic pavers in 1978, but has since expanded to drip/micro irrigation, valves, and landscape accessories. We've recently added details for Landscape Products' drip equipment, dripline, and valves, which can be found in our F/X Detail Library under Irrigation/Landscape Products Inc.

In addition, you can now add Landscape Products' EZ-ID CV dripline to your projects from the Irrigation Manager, under the Drip category.

Monday, 03 December 2018 14:29

Copper Moon - New Manufacturer

We're excited to add CopperMoon Lighting to our growing list of lighting manufacturer partners. This family-owned business has produced premium copper fixtures for almost 30 years, and has recently added brass fixtures to its product line. You can now find CopperMoon's top 50 fixtures in the Lighting Manager, available from our F/X Site Ribbon. We have plans to add even more CopperMoon products in the near future – stay tuned.

Monday, 03 December 2018 14:27

Maglin - New Product

We've recently added Maglin's Pixel Series to our Site Amenities database! These modular building blocks give you the flexibility to design the perfect space by mixing and matching the heights of stacks with a variety of top options. Design your new spaces with blocks ranging between 6 to 36 inches in height. Need blocks between 36 and 54 inches high? Please contact your Maglin representative directly.

You can find the Pixel series in the Site Furnishings and Planters & Accessories sections of our RefNotes and Site Amenities managers.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 20 August 2018 14:24

Landscape Forms - Full Catalog!

At the request of one of our favorite site amenities manufacturers, we're pleased to announce that Landscape Forms' full site furnishings catalog is accessible within Land F/X. We've added products ranging from the new GO Outdoor Table, with hard-wired or solar-powered options, to products designed collaboratively with renowned partners such as Santa & Cole, Tuuci, and Escofet.

We've added too many products to highlight here, so we invite you to browse and specify Landscape Forms products using our Site Amenities and RefNotes managers.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Sunday, 29 July 2018 10:43

New Netafim Product - Manual Flush Valve

Do you need a simple on/off accessory to control the flow in your low-pressure irrigation design? Now you can use Netafim's 1/2" Manual Flush Valve with barbed insert, which fits Techline HCVXR, HCVXR-RW/RWP, CV, DL, RW, and RWP driplines, as well as PE irrigation hose.

You can find this product in our irrigation equipment database through the Irrigation Manager, under Drip > Drip Accessories > Netafim.

Monday, 18 June 2018 11:34

Hunter Industries adds MP Rotator 815 Series

Are you already a fan of Hunter's MP Rotator 800 Series? The previously released 800 series covered distances as short as 6 ft (1.8 m), while the new 815 Series covers a range of 6 – 16 ft (1.8 – 4.9m). This nozzle is for high-efficiency, short-radius applications and maintains all the benefits of the patented MP Rotator design. To start specifying the MP 815 series, select the Heads option in our Irrigation Manager. You can find them in both the Shrub and Turf Rotary sections.

Hunter has discontinued the PLD dripline and replaced it with the new Hunter Dripline (HDL). This highly kink-resistant product includes flow indicator stripes and comes neatly packaged in a stretch-wrapped coil. Manufactured with 80% reprocessed pre-consumer resin, HDL is as sustainable as it robust. Look for it in our Irrigation Manager in both the Dripline and Area for Dripline sections.

Monday, 21 May 2018 11:42

Product Added: GPST Spec Flow Emitters from GPH

Have you been using GPH’s SpecFlow emitters in your plans, but need a higher flow rate? We’ve expanded the range of the GPST emitter – designed to perform in harsh environments – to include 4-, 6-, 8 and 10-gallon-per-hour emitters. The GPST’s unique screen prevents debris from blocking the emitter, while a larger inlet size allows for a continuous and consistent flow rate. Expanded flow rates and a high-velocity self-cleaning mechanism make these emitters an excellent addition to your drip irrigation systems.

Monday, 21 May 2018 11:36

New Details: Unilock

If you've been taking advantage of our new Manufacturer Connection tool for paver products, you'll be all too familiar with some of Unilock's featured materials and patterns. To supplement your designs, we've added some details that will help you specify these products for a variety of settings:

  • Pavers on Granular Base
  • Pavers on Bitumen Setting w/ Concrete Base
  • Pavers on Sand Setting w/ Concrete Base
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Rooftop Pedestal Pavers

To use these details in your plans, go to Site Improvements (SI) > Unilock (UNLK) in our detail library.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 30 April 2018 14:40

Baseline SubStation Added

The new Baseline SubStation is the perfect solution for complex irrigation sites. The SubStation connects wirelessly to BaseStation 3200 controller, allowing you to consolidate multiple existing controllers into a single BaseStation 3200 controller without the need to run wire across long distances. Once you've established the connection, you can program the SubStation from a BaseStation 3200 or with BaseManager from any location. With the SubStation, you can bring the latest in smart irrigation technology to any conventional wire or two-wire site.

Ready to spec the SubStation? Find it in the Controller Accessories section of our Irrigation Manager.

Monday, 23 April 2018 10:03

Unilock Products Now Available.

In conjunction with our release of the Manufacturer Connection for hardscape, we're excited to introduce Unilock, an industry-leading manufacturer of pavers and retaining walls, as our first hardscape partner. Check our Reference Notes (RefNotes) library for a partial selection of Unilock products, and stay tuned for even more.

Unilock’s diverse catalog includes both permeable and non-permeable paving solutions with an almost endless choice of material types, finishes, and pattern layouts.

You can now specify Unilock products such as Arcana, Eco-Line, and Tribeca Cobble by choosing an Area/Volume note through our RefNotes Manager. For more information on how to spec Unilock products, watch our recent Manufacturer Connection: Specifying Hardscapes webinar.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 16 April 2018 13:46

New Product: ACC2 Controller from Hunter

Looking to try out a new controller? We've added the Hunter ACC2 to our irrigation equipment library. Sporting a reversible facepack, the ACC2 controller can manage up to 54 stations, multiple water sources, along with normally open and normally closed master valves. It's available in several wall mount and pedestal configurations. The ACC2 can be configured with up to 10 start times for each of its 32 independent programs, and can run up to 14 of those programs simultaneously. Additionally, up to 3 CLIK sensors may be added to the ACC2 controller. It can manage up to 6 different flow zones and 3 pump or master valve outputs.

Monday, 09 April 2018 11:59

New HydroPoint Products and Details

We've added new HydroPoint products and details to our libraries! Check out the WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR controllers, both as selectable equipment and corresponding details. WeatherTRAK OptiFlow XR delivers advanced flow management for an entire site via a simple interface. By enabling controllers to share information over the cloud without the complications created by wires and local radios, OptiFlow XR optimizes how, when, and where watering takes place within your water windows.

Find these new products through our Irrigation Manager, and new details in our detail library.

Be sure to check out our new Manufacturer Connection page.

Monday, 02 April 2018 14:06

New Partner Highlight: Maxijet

We're happy to welcome Maxijet as an irrigation manufacturer partner, with products now available within our irrigation equipment library. Made in the USA, Maxijet's low-volume drip equipment is available for both turf and agricultural use. When adding drip emitters, look through Maxijet's available equipment and give them a try! From micro sprinkler spinners to vertical hang assemblies, Maxijet has something for every drip system.

Monday, 26 March 2018 08:11

Article from World Landscape Architecture

How Product Procurement Can Make or Break Your Project

Article from World Landscape Architecture

How product procurement can make or break your project.
Check out this article by World Landscape Architecture (WLA) founder and editor Damian Holmes. The article highlights several important points about project organization and meeting deadlines – which happen to be driving factors in both the software and service we provide.

No matter which firm you work for, Land F/X tools are about accuracy, time savings, and efficiency. Specifically, our Manufacturer Connection builds a catalog of products from many of your go-to manufacturers right into your CAD environment, bringing product data seamlessly into your designs. 

We understand how much research goes into selecting a product. That's why we're happy to make that specification process quicker, more accurate, and more efficient.

Manufacturers, we invite you to become a Land F/X Partner by clicking the link below.

Become a Partner
Published in News
Monday, 12 March 2018 10:41

Toro & Irritrol Product Discontinuations

Keep your eyes on the news – and our Irrigation Manager – over the next few weeks. We're starting our review of Toro's and Irritrol's entire catalogs. You'll see updates to existing products, as well as some new ones making their way into our irrigation equipment database.

Most immediately, however, we'll be removing products that Toro and Irritrol have discontinued. We've already deleted the following items from our database:

Toro product discontinuations:

  • Sentinel Controller Series
  • Sentinel 2Wire Controller
    • TSD models
  • Sentinel Custom Controller Series
  • Sentinel Accessories
    • Retro Link Assemblies for Irritrol and RainBird
    • Weather Sources and Wireless Output Board
  • TDC Series 2Wire Series
    • 50 station controller
  • TIS PRO Series
  • TMC 212 Series
  • Pressure Regulators Series Drip Emitter
  • 500 Series Bubbler
    • Adjustable Flood Stream on 570Z Pop-ups
  • Shrub Rotors:
    • Super 800 Series
    • TR50XT Series
  • Shrub Sprays
    • Assorted Purple Cap ('E' – Effluent) Nozzles
  • Turf Rotors
    • 810G/810GL
    • TG101
    • TR50XT
  • Turf Spray
    • Assorted Purple Cap ('E' – Effluent) Nozzles
  • Valve-in-Head Rotors
    • DT34/DT54
    • DT35/DT55

Irritrol product discontinuations:
  • JR Max ControllersPCW Control Series
  • CR500 Shrub Rotors
  • 450 Series Turf Rotors
  • SL Series Turf Spray

Monday, 05 March 2018 11:51

Filtrexx Joins Manufacturer Connection

Land F/X is proud to partner with Filtrexx International, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable products in the areas of erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and low-impact development. We are happy to announce the additions of Filtrexx's Vertexx and Envirobloxx system details to our database.

You can find these details listed under Filtrexx in the Planting section of the F/X Detail Library.

To learn more about the Vertexx system, watch Filtrexx's guest webinar, recorded on March 2.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 05 March 2018 11:48

New Benches: Anova Tandem Series

If you walked past Anova's booth at the ASLA Expo in Los Angeles in October, you undoubtedly caught a glimpse of the new Tandem bench series. The four distinct models – Perspective, Fractured Movement, Mountain Range, and Totem – were patterned in collaboration with four different landscape architects. They're now available from our Site Amenities and Reference Notes managers.

To learn more about Anova, including how to specify their products, click the button below.

Published in Site Manufacturer News
Monday, 26 February 2018 11:52

New Buckner Superior Quick Coupler Valves

Over the past week, we've added Buckner Superior's new 1" Low Profile Quick Coupler Valves to our irrigation equipment library. These QC valves and keys are fully interchangeable with the Signature Control Series. Superior internal components are made from brass and stainless steel with EPDM rubber parts.

Find this product in the Valves section of our Irrigation Manager.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:22

New Netafim Details!

New Netafim details in the following categories can be found in the Detail Explorer, under F/X Detail Library (FX), Irrigation (IR) and Netafim (NETA);

Continuous Acting Air Vents (CAAV)
Controllers (CONT)
Controller Accessories (CONTA)
Drip (DRIP)
Hyrdometer (HYDR)
Control Valve (VALV)

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:15

Watertronics Quickship Product Added

We've recently added the new Watertronics WaterMax 5000 Quickship pump station to our product database. This prefabricated, self-enclosed pump station uses Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology to provide performance at varying flow rates.

Find this product in our Irrigation Manager under Auxiliary Equipment/Booster Pumps.

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