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Land F/X is software that adapts AutoCAD to your needs as a landscape architect. Design faster, with 100 percent accuracy, while still working within the CAD environment.

Land F/X is a set of tools developed specifically for your workflow,
built right into your CAD platform.

Developed by landscape architects for landscape architects, our planting design plugin works within AutoCAD and SketchUp. With just a few clicks, place plants as “smart” blocks and hatches embedded with all the data you need. We automate all your tedious and error-prone tasks – like error checking, counting plants, labeling, and scheduling – and make them available in easily accessible dialog boxes within CAD. And because Land F/X doesn’t use Proxy Objects, you can share drawings with consultants who don’t have Land F/X, allowing them to see all your linework and objects instantly.

Our Latest Client–Inspired Planting Features

Users like you have made Land F/X what it is today! Each week, we produce a new Power Tip video showing off tools and techniques suggested by Land F/X clients. Use these brief but informative educational videos to see some of our greatest planting features in action – and add efficiency and speed to your workflow.

Is It Customizable? Count on It!

Customize your plant symbols, label styles, leaders, layer and line colors, fonts, title blocks, plotting preferences – you name it. We make it easy to apply your standards to the entire design process, from drafting to presentation to construction documents.

Automation is great, but can you still use your own symbols, callout styles, and CAD standards? You bet.


Use your own blocks. It's as easy as clicking this button and then clicking your block. It’s instantly saved into the system, ready to be placed as a smart block. 

 Use our Preferences screens to customize every layer and every color, dial in your text settings, and much, much more.

Still not convinced?
Read more about customization here.

Extensive Database of Trees, Shrubs, and Groundcovers

Create your virtual plant palette from a list of more than 20,000 plants while still working in AutoCAD. Our searchable plant library includes practically every genus, species, and variety you can think of. Don’t see it? You can add it. Need more information? Wiki-based plant data is built right into the software!

Every Plant You Can Think Of – At Your Fingertips


The real power of Land F/X lies in our extensive collection of virtual plants. Any user can add any plant variety – including climate and character data – to our wiki-style database.

Don’t worry; our staff landscape architects review every submission for accuracy. After approval, each added plant is available for all users worldwide, allowing the community of Land F/X users to help and be helped by each other.

So Many Ways to Place Plants!

Pick your plant, and click to place it. It’s that simple. Want an even quicker option? Our specialized tools give you numerous methods for placing multiple plants in one go.

Watch just a few in action: Copy along Line, Copy along Arc, and Plant Shotgun:

Paint Your Canvas With Plants


Sure, you can place one plant at a time, but where’s the fun in that? Our collection of plant placement tools is like a case of brushes offering an assortment of strokes.

  • Copy tools: Quickly place plants along a selected path, with custom spacing. Draw a line or arc of plants instantly, or snap plants to an existing polyline or arc.
  • Paint Mode: “Paint” several plants at a time across your drawing in a mathematically perfect triangular pattern. Fill large areas quickly with a sweep of the mouse.
  • Array tools: Copy any plant in your drawing, and place duplicates in a preset triangular or square pattern. You pick the spacing and direction, and it’s done.
  • Match Properties: Change one plant into another, including all attached data, with a click.
  • Match Plant: Grab a plant quickly, and copy it wherever you want.
  • Plant Shotgun: Where to start? This awesome tool combines a ton of planting features into one, with the help of on-the-fly single-key keyboard commands. Set a number of plants to place, from 1 to 10. Toggle between plant patterns of the same number, plants in your palette, or the amount of space between plants. Rotate a group of plants for better fitting as you place them. Snap plants to a crosshair angle, copy plants along a line or arc, or even enter our Paint Mode tool. It’s a self-contained arsenal of planting tools.

See the Plant Shotgun tool demonstrated below:

Instant Plant Labeling

Label individual plants, or several at a time, with just a click using our “smart” plant labeling tools.

Smart Plant Labels


No landscape design software would be complete without a powerful plant labeling system. Ours is the fastest in the world. Label single plants, or a whole group of the same variety with either multiple leaders or a connecting line or arc. Then use our error-checking and highlighting tools to ensure all plants are labeled correctly – all automatic, all instantaneous. Move labels around, and change your label styles with a click. Your plans have never been this accurate and legible.

Want to customize your labels to meet your office standards? No problem. Our labeling styles come with a few easy presets – including styles for plant names, codes, and quantities – but the labels are all fully customizable. From text styles and colors to leaders, arrows, and callout boxes, you can make it all your own.

No More Counting Plants

It’s 4:58, and you need to turn in your plan NOW! How do you ensure that your plants are tallied and labeled correctly (and still be home in time for dinner)? Use our error-checking tools, and never count by hand again.

We take the stress out of landscape design.

Our error-checking tools are like an assistant whose only job is to ensure your plans are accurate.

Ten years in, and our Verify Labels tool is still Land F/X users’ favorite button. Click it, and fix any labeling errors in seconds. What does Verify Labels help you fix? Any copied, unlabeled, and deleted plants. Anything it can’t fix automatically will be marked with a color-coded highlight for easy correction. This button will be your best friend.

Need to find everywhere you’ve placed a certain plant? Use our Highlight Plant tool. Find one instance of that plant and click it. All plants of the same variety are instantly highlighted in your drawing, allowing you to locate or even select them all. By the way, it also works with all smart blocks, including site amenities and irrigation equipment.

Schedules in Seconds

Make life easy for both yourself and the contractor! Instantly catalog your entire palette in a plant schedule that includes quantities, container sizes, costs, and as much – or as little – info you need to communicate.

Create an Instant, Accurate Inventory


Say goodbye to manual calculations, and never count plant quantities or costs again. Place an accurate plant schedule that contains all the data you need – in just seconds.

How does it work?

Click a button, and place an instant plant schedule. It’s that simple.

Send your schedule to your drawing, or to a spreadsheet for further editing. Run a schedule on your entire palette or just a portion of your plan – even include plants in your Xrefs. Plus the data you include in your schedule is all under your control. List plant sizes, quantities, or costs – or don’t. It’s all up to you. List your plants by common or botanical name, or both. Include plant symbols or codes. Make the settings uniform or completely different for trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. Then sort your plants in each category by code or by common or botanical name.

Easily regenerate your schedule after revisions – that's how easy it is. Say goodbye to all the headaches and frustration of manual scheduling.

Turn Up the Color

Give your plan a new level of vibrancy by clicking a button. We’ve created thousands of unique color plant symbols, and our library is constantly growing. Make a splash with your presentation, then dive back into construction mode in a flash.

Say Hello to Beautiful Color Rendering


Time to present your design? Spice it up with our Color Render tool. We’ve created thousands of unique color plant symbols in our ever-expanding library. Choose from a wide variety of tree and shrub symbols, as well as colors and textures for your groundcovers and shrub areas. Select a symbol with multiple colors, interior foliage or linework, flowers, or multiple trunks. Our library also includes evergreens and conifers, palm trees, tropical shrubs, and vines. Then choose a color from anywhere on the prism. Turn your color symbols on and off with a single click, and fly seamlessly between presentation and construction documents.

Who says color is just for plants? What about your site and hardscape plan? Our Site Color tool brings it alive. Select a color and hue, then apply it to a hardscape area or site amenity block. Create your own custom color wheels, and customize your color layers.

Add Another Dimension with our SketchUp Connection

Have you tried SketchUp? This 3D modeling application brings your designs to life. We’ve developed a seamless channel between CAD and 3D rendering. Included with your Land F/X license, our SketchUp Connection maintains your exact plant palette, plant placements, and linework from CAD to SketchUp and back again.

The images below have been provided by Land F/X clients using our SketchUp plugin in conjunction with advanced rendering plugins such as Thea and Shaderlight.

Move Seamlessly Between 2D CAD and 3D SketchUp


SketchUp is an ideal 3D platform for most landscape architects. In fact, for 3D rendering, it blows AutoCAD out of the water. Plus it provides a great way to present a conceptual design early in the process. But the precision of AutoCAD and the ability to present your sites in plan view still makes it a superior platform for construction documents.

Land F/X connects these two valuable programs through the cloud to take advantage of the best parts of each. With the help of our SketchUp Connection tool, you can design in CAD and bring everything into a 3D SketchUp model. Need to make some changes while in SketchUp? You can add plants and site amenities to your palette and place them in your model. Bring it all back to CAD, then back to SketchUp again. Linework, layers, and blocks fly back and forth, maintaining their positions. Blocks and hatches retain their data as well. We make it possible to jump between dimensions.

How Easy Is It to Learn? Incredibly.

When you install our software, you’re installing a set of additional AutoCAD functions designed just for you. It’s like your landscape architecture tool belt. Need a little help? We’ve got the learning resources you need. We strive to make CAD-based landscape design simple, intuitive, and fun.

Weekly 2-Minute Power Tip Videos

Users like you have made Land F/X what it is today.

Our weekly Power Tip videos showcase features or techniques that maximize efficiency and accuracy in the design process. Presented by our in-house landscape architects and irrigation designers, these brief but insightful educational tools are based directly on client requests. Here are three of our most recent Planting Power Tip videos:

Land F/X with Training Wheels

Just like riding a bike, learning our software might seem challenging at first – but you’ll be cruising in no time! Start with the fundamentals by watching our brief training videos. One step (roll?) at a time, we’ll guide you through the essential tools and techniques, from building your palette to placing plants, labeling, error checking, scheduling, and creating a dynamite presentation. Jump on!

Everything You Need to Know About Land F/X

Videos are great, but nothing can replace good old-fashioned reading. Our documentation section is extensive, meticulously organized, updated constantly, and completely searchable. Learn all about our software and pick up some valuable AutoCAD tips – all at your own pace.

Weekly Live Webinars

Want a more in-depth look at our software? Our weekly hourlong webinars go beneath the surface to give you full immersion into techniques and best practices for Land F/X, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. Your license gets you into the live webinar. Can’t make it? We post each of our webinars on our website, allowing you to view them whenever you have the time.

Personalized Technical Support

We stand behind our product. Your Land F/X license includes unlimited support through phone, email, or our online ticket system. If you ever have an issue, our in-house landscape architects, irrigation designers, and computer specialists will be here to get you through it.


Jeremiah Farmer

CEO / Developer

Krystal Bozarth

COO / Sales

Jake Lott

Content / Support

Amanda Berry

Content / Support

Paul Houchin

Tech Support

Forrestt Williams

Tech Support

Multi-User & Cloud Support

Land F/X is designed from the ground up to be a multi-user platform. You can easily sync your Land F/X content between every user in your office. Have multiple offices? Use our Cloud Data service to sync through the cloud.

Constant Improvement Based on Client Feedback

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked continuously, and with our clients’ input in mind, to make dramatic improvements to our software.

Constant Updates & Improvements


When it comes to development and troubleshooting, we’re a well-oiled machine. We never stop improving our software, from shiny new features to hyper-fast fixes in the event of the occasional bug. (Seriously – our standing record from reported issue to repair patch is two minutes.) On average, we write more than 10 lines of code per day and offer a new version once a week.

Established, Innovative, and Respected for More Than a Decade


Our CEO and head developer started Land F/X with his father, a landscape architect. The goal was, and is, to adapt AutoCAD to meet the specific requirements of landscape and site design. Although the roots of our software extend back to code written in the 1990s, we’ve been streamlining our clients’ design process since our official launch in 2004.

We Make Software Development a Two-Way Street


How many software companies give you a say in the development process? Not a lot! Our guiding philosophy is based on listening to our clients and giving them the tools they need. That’s why every new feature we roll out is a direct response to a client’s request for added functionality. We also encourage our clients to vote on the priority of new features.

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