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Necessary tools for your profession

Automatic quantities, one-click error checking, instant schedules, and fast revisions. Spend your time being creative – not counting plants.

It's all customizable

We make it easy to give your designs the exact look you're after, down to the last plant.

Fonts included with Land F/X

We've added some incredible font options for customizing your Land F/X installation, which now include the rare Adobe Graphite TTF – available for use in AutoCAD exclusively via Land F/X plugins.

All fonts included

Set your standards once. Enforce them forever.

Save your customizations into a set of standards you can reuse. Control symbols, layer and line colors, fonts, title blocks, plotting preferences, code display, label style, plant groups, schedule layout, plant size, groundcovers, and other custom plant attributes.

Apply your standards to every design, officewide.

Easily add blocks

Don't see what you want in our cloud library of 10,000+ blocks? Easily add your own blocks to the library.

Planting Database

Specify plants from our massive cloud database of about 50,000 varieties. Every plant includes accurate data verified by our in-house horticulturist.

Smart Blocks

They're not just images – they're BIM-like objects embedded with data such as species, tree or shrub width, corresponding color and 3D symbols, and anything else you need. There is an incredible amount of pre-filled data, and you can customize how you need.

Plant Placement Tools

Copy Along a Path

Instantly place duplicates at your exact spacing.

Label Plants




It couldn't be simpler. And it's instant, automated, customizable, and accurate.

Error check

Use our error-checking tool, and never count by hand again. Find and correct mistakes instantly.

Schedules in Seconds

Instantly catalog your entire palette in a plant schedule that includes quantities, container sizes, costs, and as much – or as little – info you need to communicate.


Coloring your plan is incredibly quick. And you can turn it on and off with a single click.

Toggle Color

3D Connection

We’ve developed a seamless channel between CAD and 3D rendering. Included with your Planting F/X license, our 3D Connection maintains your exact plant palette, plant placements, and linework from CAD to SketchUp®, Revit®, or Rhino® – and back again.

3D Connection

Planting F/X for SketchUp®


Planting F/X for Revit®


Planting F/X for Rhino®

Unlimited Technical Support

Any time you have issues with or questions about the software, reach out and get world-class support from us. You can submit a tech support ticket, email, or call. (Phone hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific.) Bottom line: If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help – it’s that simple.

Call us: +1 805-541-1003

Email us:

Your support covers: installation, activation, usage questions, training videos, plotting, crashing, opening & saving files, customization, hot fixes, and service pack object enablers.

Robert C. Gause
I just won a bet with my wife. She said you guys wouldn't get back to me [about my technical support issue] until Monday, and I told her you'd get back to me within 5 minutes!
Steve Cook
We've been using Land F/X for over 20 years now and the technical support and professional team of trained staff have helped keep us happy and productive.
Janet Teller
You guys are truly the best tech support team I have ever encountered in any industry!
Aaron Emerson
The technical support that Land F/X provides is second to none. Anytime we have had questions, the support staff has gone above and beyond to resolve and clarify any issues.
Gause and Associates, Inc.
Urban Water Group, Inc.
Mills Design Group

Meet our team

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Yearly subscription: $575

What you'll need:

One of the supported platforms:

— CAD®, version 2019–2024

— Revit®, version 2022–2024

— SketchUp®, version 2019 and above

— Rhino®, version 6 and 7

Windows Computer or Parallels

What does your subscription cover?

  • World-class technical support (phone and email)

  • Weekly updates, including new features

  • Training resources, live webinars, quick Power Tip videos, PDF Getting Started Guides

  • Updates to our block libraries and plant & manufacturer databases

  • License transfers, including multi-install license sharing

  • Re-installation capability

  • Access to our 3D plugins for SketchUp®, Rhino®, and Revit®

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F/X CAD is an Autodesk® engine designed specifically for Land F/X users.


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