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It’s more than just added functionality. It’s about getting back to what you love: design.

Image provided by Redizon Landscape Architects, Costa Rica
Project created using Land F/X

Fully Customizable

Use your own plant symbols. Customize your callouts, schedules, and fonts to meet your office standards.

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You spoke, and we listened.

Counts plants for you? Check.

Automatic schedules? Yup.

Beautiful color plans? We can do that.

Massive plant database? And still growing.

Plants in our Cloud database

Unique plant symbols to choose from

Years developing our software

User requests turned into software features

Use your time wisely.
Let us count the plants for you and generate accurate schedules.

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A Smart Labeling System

Land F/X knows the data behind each smart plant block,
so you can easily label one, two, or all plants with a few clicks.
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Error Checking

We verify the accuracy of your plan so
you don’t have to waste time counting by hand.

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Color Rendering

Produce an attractive colorized plan in seconds.
Return to a construction document instantly.

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Click our Color Render AutoCAD button to color this plan:

Bring your designs to life in 3D using our innovative connection between CAD and SketchUp.

Navigate smoothly from drawing to 3D model and back.

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Image provided by Cooper Carry
Project created using Land F/X, SketchUp and 3DS Max

Presentation Tools

Land F/X comes with several built-in presentation features, including the Plant Photo Callout tool.
Transform your construction documents into vibrant and colorful designs.

Whether it's a housing development, amusement park, Dubai freeway, or the smallest site, you'll have the right tools for any project.

Image provided by Landscape Contractors and Designers, Puerto Rico
Project created using Land F/X

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