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Yearly subscription: $575

Planting F/X is a plugin for AutoCAD® specifically for landscape architects.

Design more, work less. Automatic quantities, error checking, instant schedules, and fast revisions.

Technical Support

Call or email, and get help from our team.

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+1 805-541-1003

Weekly Updates

As soon as we add a new feature, you get it in the next update.

  • Water Source, Grading, Lighting, Concept Planting, detail add/remove buttons standardized.

    Photo Callout, Shadow preference saved in Registry.

    HotFix: Verify Plant Labels, hatches with missing area or boundary, boundary rebuild is only fired a single time.

    HotFix: Common function to determine if object is inside of an area, zero-length pipe will not generate error.

    HotFix: Startup, RegApp warning, missing numeric preferences will not generate error.

    HotFix: Detail Explorer, pre-assembles project detail folders assignments and permissions, for better performance when using drag/drop.

    HotFix: Plant Manager, placing a plant with no symbol assigned, after choosing a symbol, manager is refreshed with symbol assignment.

    HotFix: New RefNote, additional error handling when selecting leader arrow.

    HotFix: Common function to lookup irrigation equipment, fixed arc rotor with local data will not generate error.

    HotFix: Common block placement function, missing irrigation functions will not generate error.

    HotFix: BatchMan, when processing layer names and colors, differing color settings for same layer will not generate error; drawing with no objects on source layer will not generate error.

    HotFix: Edit Valve, changing size will not mistakenly remove performance data.

    HotFix: Common function to rebuild hatch boundary, additional error handling for hatch with no area.

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Power Tip Videos

We're continuously investing in your successful training. Learn the latest planting features and techniques in these weekly three-minute videos.

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Access the most recent, accurate versions of your data and content from any location with Internet access, with full encryption, security, and backups. Share licenses and data across multiple installations and locations.



Don’t want to store your data, content, and licenses online? No problem. With our Local option, it’s all hosted on your computer or server. You can still download all the content you need on demand.




Work seamlessly with Land F/X users across your entire firm, accessing your project data, preferences settings, blocks, hatches, details, and your entire pool of licenses from a central location on your server or shared online folder.

Single User


Only have one designer in your firm? Keep it simple, with everything hosted on your office computer or laptop.

Wondering how many licenses to get for your office?

The number of licenses you have is the number of people who can use the software at one time.

Planting F/X Planting F/X Logo

Yearly subscription: $575

All you need:

1. CAD platform from 2019–2023

2. Windows or Parallels

What do renewals cover?

  • World-class technical support (phone and email)

  • Weekly updates, including new features

  • Training resources, live webinars, quick Power Tip videos, PDF Getting Started Guides

  • Updates to our block libraries and plant & manufacturer databases

  • License transfers, including multi-install license sharing

  • Re-installation capability

  • Access to our 3D plugins for SketchUp®, Rhino®, and Revit®

  • How will Planting F/X function without a renewal?

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