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Tools for your discipline that add on to CAD

 Requires  F/X CAD  or AutoCAD.


Yearly Renewal: $100

Design F/XDetails

One simple organization system. Zero lost details, infinite peace of mind.

Regularly $1,495

Yearly Renewal: $400

Planting F/XPlanting

Design more, work less: Automatic quantities, error checking, instant schedules, and fast revisions.

Regularly $2,995

Yearly Renewal: $600

Irrigation F/XIrrigation

You design, we calculate. We can accomodate this rigorous engineering process from start to finish.

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Our detail management system makes it easy to customize, design, save, edit, call out, and organize your details. Working with AutoCAD details has never been this easy!

CAD Engine made just for you

 Requires  Design F/X Planting F/X or Irrigation F/X.

Regularly $1,995

Upgrade: $500


F/X CAD is a genuine autodesk Autodesk engine for Land F/X users, sold and supported by us.

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