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Add onto your existing AutoCAD license.

The following Land F/X licenses require AutoCAD 2014 to 2019.


1 Year of Support

Network / Cloud Licensing

Details Detail System

Yearly Renewal: $100

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1 Year of Support

Network / Cloud Licensing

Details Detail System

3D Connection 3D Connection

Planting Planting System

Yearly Renewal: $400

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1 Year of Support

Network / Cloud Licensing

Details Detail System

3D Connection 3D Connection

Planting Planting System

Irrigation Irrigation System

Yearly Renewal: $600

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Or get a Land F/X license with our CAD.

Don't have AutoCAD? Try F/X CAD 2019.
It's an authorized OEM version of AutoCAD 2019.


AutoCAD OEM 2019

Requires a Land F/X license

Yearly CAD Upgrade*

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AutoCAD OEM 2019

Includes Planting F/X

Yearly CAD Upgrade*

Planting F/X Renewal: $400



AutoCAD OEM 2019

Includes Irrigation F/X

Yearly CAD Upgrade*

Irrigation F/X Renewal: $600

Yearly Support Renewals

What's included?

  • Unlimited tech support (phone & email)
  • Unlimited version updates (sent weekly)
  • Weekly training webinars
  • Cloud databases (Plant, Irrigation, Site Amenities, SketchUp)
  • Unlimited re-installations
  • License transfer utility

Yearly Renewals






F/X CAD Upgrades

F/X CAD Upgrades do NOT include the Land F/X plugin renewal

Why Upgrade?

  • Quicker adjustments to updates and changes.
  • Easier to send & receive files from other firms.
  • Cost easier on budget.
  • New features each year.
  • Interface will match our most recent Training videos.
  • You’ll have the same version our tech support staff is using – helps answer questions and solve issues more quickly.
  • Encourages your office to keep up with computer maintenance.



F/X CAD Legacy Activation
Reinstallation of F/X CAD 2014 - 2017


Misc. Fees



Upgrade Planting F/X to Irrigation F/X


Extended Technical Support Hour

$150 / hr

Web-based Training One Hour

$450 / hr

Web-based Training Two or More Hours

$350 / hr

Processing Fee  

All prices shown in $USD.

College student or faculty member? Get the academic license for free.

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Do you offer a return policy?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. You can sign up for a payment plan through the PayPal Credit program (formerly known as Bill Me Later). They offer financing with no interest for 6 months.
How to use PayPal Credit when checking out.

Do you accept purchase orders (POs)?

Yes, we accept POs, but not as a form of payment. The account will not be marked as PAID until we receive payment for the license(s) you plan to purchase. In the meantime, you will be able to use the software in Trial mode.

Is there a yearly renewal?

Yes, there is an optional renewal after one full year from the date of purchase. This renewal covers unlimited tech support (phone & email), unlimited version updates (sent weekly), weekly training webinars & videos, cloud databases (plant, SketchUp, details, irrigation, site), unlimited re-installations, and license transfer utility.

If you choose Cloud Data for your installation and you allow your license to expire, you’ll also lose access to all functionality and all project data. If you choose not to renew your license and you have Cloud Data, you’ll need to follow our steps for maintaining existing project data in the event of an expired license before your license expires.

How much is the renewal every year?

Please see our Renewals page.

Do I have to have a CAD platform?

Yes. All Land F/X licenses run on either the full version of AutoCAD, Civil 3D, or our F/X CAD. We support the most 5 recent versions of CAD.

Does Land F/X software work with AutoCAD LT?

No. AutoCAD LT does not allow for 3rd-party software add-ons. Therefore, it cannot run Land F/X software.

Does Irrigation F/X include Planting F/X?


What is Design F/X?

Design F/X is the core of Planting F/X and includes our Detail system.

Can I mix the license types?

Yes. For example, if you have 5 designers, 1 of whom does irrigation, you can get 4 Planting F/X and 1 Irrigation F/X.

Can I get a network license?

Yes. All Land F/X licenses are network based. (This does not include F/X CAD). This is our recommended installation setup.

Can I install on a server?

Yes. We offer a great deal of flexibility in how you install our software. Whether you want to install on a central office server, a standalone installation on a desktop or laptop, or even a cloud installation that's hosted online, it's all your choice.

What is F/X CAD?

F/X CAD is a licensed OEM version of Autodesk AutoCAD, with a few non-essentials removed. Read More >

Do I have to buy F/X CAD?

If you have a full version of AutoCAD or Civil 3D, 2014 to 2019, you do not need F/X CAD.

Do I have to upgrade F/X CAD?

No. We support the 5 most recent year versions of CAD. Upgrading to the next year version will cost $500. If you skip versions, upgrading to the latest version will cost $995.

On how many computers can I install your software?

The rule of thumb to follow is that you can install on as many computers as you'd like, but the number of licenses you have is the number of people who can use the software at one time.

Terms and Conditions

California purchases of software licenses are subject to sales tax. Because we do not not transfer patents or copyright interests to purchasers of our software, license purchases from Land F/X do not fall under the Technology Transition Agreement (TTA) exemption.

Land F/X has the right to stop service to any license that has been reported as stolen or used on an unauthorized computer.

Returns of the software are valid for up to 30 days from purchase.

Our software is based on recurring services and requires a yearly renewal fee for continued access to support and content. In addition, users with cloud installations who allow their licenses to expire will also lose access to all functionality, as well as all project data. We have provided specific steps for maintaining existing project data in the event of an expired license. Please note that these steps must be followed prior to the expiration of the license in question.