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Rhino Connection

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Import and export planting plans seamlessly between CAD and Rhino®.

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Coordinate CAD planting design with Rhino®.

Easily transfer your plan back and forth between Rhino® and CAD.

Export to Rhino®

It's easy to transfer your planting plan into a 3D arena. Prepare your file for export, open the files in Rhino®, and select block replacements.

Import to CAD

Done making changes in Rhino® and want to get back to CAD? Importing back to CAD is as simple as the exporting process.

Block Library

Access more than 250 3D blocks (and counting), or use your own.


Place your own plants in Rhino®.

You can also automagically bring your complete planting plan into 3D from CAD. Trees, shrubs, and site amenities will remain the correct size, elevation and location.

Save countless hours you used to spend matching your plans.

Smart Licensing

It only takes one license to use Planting F/X in both Rhino® and CAD at the same time. Switch to a different computer if you need to – just transfer the license by verifying it with your Land F/X Support ID.

Unlimited Technical Support

Any time you have issues with or questions about the software, reach out and get world-class support from us. You can submit a tech support ticket, email, or call. (Phone hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific.) Bottom line: If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help – it’s that simple.

Call us: +1 805-541-1003

Email us: support@landfx.com

Your support covers: installation, activation, usage questions, training videos, plotting, crashing, opening & saving files, customization, hot fixes, and service pack object enablers.

Robert C. Gause
I just won a bet with my wife. She said you guys wouldn't get back to me [about my technical support issue] until Monday, and I told her you'd get back to me within 5 minutes!
Steve Cook
We've been using Land F/X for over 20 years now and the technical support and professional team of trained staff have helped keep us happy and productive.
Janet Teller
You guys are truly the best tech support team I have ever encountered in any industry!
Aaron Emerson
The technical support that Land F/X provides is second to none. Anytime we have had questions, the support staff has gone above and beyond to resolve and clarify any issues.
Gause and Associates, Inc.
Urban Water Group, Inc.
Mills Design Group

Meet our team

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Yearly subscription: $575

What you'll need:

One of the supported platforms:

— CAD®, version 2019–2024

— Revit®, version 2022–2024

— SketchUp®, version 2019 and above

— Rhino®, version 6 and 7

Windows Computer or Parallels

What does your subscription cover?

  • World-class technical support (phone and email)

  • Weekly updates, including new features

  • Training resources, live webinars, quick Power Tip videos, PDF Getting Started Guides

  • Updates to our block libraries and plant & manufacturer databases

  • License transfers, including multi-install license sharing

  • Re-installation capability

  • Access to our 3D plugins for SketchUp®, Rhino®, and Revit®

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F/X CAD is an Autodesk® engine designed specifically for Land F/X users.


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