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Import and export planting plans seamlessly between CAD and Rhino®.

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Coordinate CAD planting design with Rhino®.

Easily transfer your plan back and forth between Rhino® and CAD.

Export to Rhino®

It's easy to transfer your planting plan into a 3D arena. Prepare your file for export, open the files in Rhino®, and select block replacements.

Import to CAD

Done making changes in Rhino® and want to get back to CAD? Importing back to CAD is as simple as the exporting process.

Block Library

Access more than 250 3D blocks (and counting), or use your own.

Correct Placement

Automagically bring your planting plan into 3D, complete with trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.

Blocks remain in the correct locations

Save countless hours you used to spend matching your plans. Your plants will stay right where you placed them.

Blocks are sized correctly

The appropriate size for your Rhino® plants are calculated automatically based on plant data.

Blocks come in at the correct elevations

They’ll auto-snap to your 3D topography.

Smart Licensing

It only takes one license to use Planting F/X in both Rhino® and CAD at the same time. Switch to a different computer if you need to – just transfer the license by verifying it with your Land F/X Support ID.

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