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New Products Added - Disc, Peak, and Stretch

Site Manufacturer News  -  Jan 29, 2020

We've recently added Landscape Forms' new, reimagined sun shades – Disc, Peak, and Stretch – to their existing range of site furnishings and amenities in our system. Designed through an architectural lens and inspired by the elegance of post and beam construction, these sun shades provide a fresh take on the traditional parasol.

You can find and place these sun shade models by selecting the Amenity option within our RefNote Manager and selecting Landscape Forms > Sun Shades.


New Products: Anova Canyon

Site Manufacturer News  -  Jul 22, 2019

We’ve recently added Anova’s new Canyon series gabion-style benches and stools to our site furnishings library. For an easy solution for outdoor seating, simply add the stone of your choice to the cage, then mount the seat cap on top. Designed to add a rugged and natural look to any outdoor space, the Canyon collection features a heavy-gauge aluminum cage frame and stainless-steel mesh panels. Seat caps are available in steel, recycled plastic, or Thermory ash.

You can specify Anova Canyon benches and stools using the Site Amenity option within our RefNote Manager.


New Products: Iconic & Kontur Series

Site Manufacturer News  -  Jul 29, 2019

Maglin’s new Iconic series of benches and tables is now available in our site amenities database. Available backed or backless, and with optional side and center arms, Iconic benches incorporate ends consisting of solid cast aluminum and seats made from either ipe or thermally modified ash.

We’ve also added the new Kontur series, which includes a welded steel table and formed steel chair. The table, which features a rolled edge and umbrella hole, is designed specifically to pair with the stackable chair.

To specify the Iconic and Kontur series, or other Maglin site furnishings, use the Site Amenity option within our RefNote Manager.


ICON Ping-Pong Tables - New Product Available

Site Manufacturer News  -  Mar 11, 2019

Public Outdoor Ping Pong (POPP) is an Australian-born company that designs its ICON Ping-Pong tables to enhance public and private spaces through DIY artwork, vibrant colors, physical activity, and social connectivity. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, they've been installed in locations ranging from parks and open spaces to schools, healthcare facilities, student housing, and multi-family developments.

Whether you're designing in the U.S., Australia, or anywhere else, you can specify the ICON table through the Amenity > Site Improvements section of our Reference Notes Manager.


Acker-Stone: New Hardscape Manufacturer

Site Manufacturer News  -  Feb 19, 2019

Land F/X is thrilled to have welcomed hardscape manufacturer Acker-Stone to our partnering manufacturer family. Acker-Stone has been at the forefront of sustainable and green hardscape products for more than 90 years, and continues to be a leader in eco-friendly development.

Acker-Stone's vast and varied product catalog includes permeable, interlocking, plank, and large-format pavers in a multitude of unique shapes, color blends, and designer textures. As of this week, you can find Acker-Stone paving products in the Area and Volume sections of our Reference Notes library.


New Hardscape Manufacturer - Envirospec

Site Manufacturer News  -  Feb 06, 2020

Envirospec’s Pave-El paver pedestal is now available in our library of details. Pave-El is a pedestal that elevates and levels pavers to provide a drainage plane between the pavers and waterproofed supporting structure beneath. Applicable for roof decks, balconies, terraces, plazas, and dry-deck water fountains, Pave-El is designed to prevent paver damage and waterproof membrane deterioration due to water entrapment. You can find Envirospec’s Pave-El details in the Detail Explorer under F/X Detail Library > Site Improvements > Envirospec.


Maglin - New Product

Site Manufacturer News  -  Dec 03, 2018

We've recently added Maglin's Pixel Series to our Site Amenities database! These modular building blocks give you the flexibility to design the perfect space by mixing and matching the heights of stacks with a variety of top options. Design your new spaces with blocks ranging between 6 to 36 inches in height. Need blocks between 36 and 54 inches high? Please contact your Maglin representative directly.

You can find the Pixel series in the Site Furnishings and Planters & Accessories sections of our RefNotes and Site Amenities managers.


Landscape Forms - Full Catalog!

Site Manufacturer News  -  Aug 20, 2018

At the request of one of our favorite site amenities manufacturers, we're pleased to announce that Landscape Forms' full site furnishings catalog is accessible within Land F/X. We've added products ranging from the new GO Outdoor Table, with hard-wired or solar-powered options, to products designed collaboratively with renowned partners such as Santa & Cole, Tuuci, and Escofet.

We've added too many products to highlight here, so we invite you to browse and specify Landscape Forms products using our Site Amenities and RefNotes managers.


Unilock Products Now Available.

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 23, 2018

In conjunction with our release of the Manufacturer Connection for hardscape, we're excited to introduce Unilock, an industry-leading manufacturer of pavers and retaining walls, as our first hardscape partner. Check our Reference Notes (RefNotes) library for a partial selection of Unilock products, and stay tuned for even more.

Unilock’s diverse catalog includes both permeable and non-permeable paving solutions with an almost endless choice of material types, finishes, and pattern layouts.

You can now specify Unilock products such as Arcana, Eco-Line, and Tribeca Cobble by choosing an Area/Volume note through our RefNotes Manager. For more information on how to spec Unilock products, watch our recent Manufacturer Connection: Specifying Hardscapes webinar.


New Details: Unilock

Site Manufacturer News  -  May 21, 2018

If you've been taking advantage of our new Manufacturer Connection tool for paver products, you'll be all too familiar with some of Unilock's featured materials and patterns. To supplement your designs, we've added some details that will help you specify these products for a variety of settings:

  • Pavers on Granular Base
  • Pavers on Bitumen Setting w/ Concrete Base
  • Pavers on Sand Setting w/ Concrete Base
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Rooftop Pedestal Pavers

To use these details in your plans, go to Site Improvements (SI) > Unilock (UNLK) in our detail library.


Filtrexx Joins Manufacturer Connection

Site Manufacturer News  -  Mar 05, 2018

Land F/X is proud to partner with Filtrexx International, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable products in the areas of erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and low-impact development. We are happy to announce the additions of Filtrexx's Vertexx and Envirobloxx system details to our database.

You can find these details listed under Filtrexx in the Planting section of the F/X Detail Library.

To learn more about the Vertexx system, watch Filtrexx's guest webinar, recorded on March 2.


New Benches: Anova Tandem Series

Site Manufacturer News  -  Mar 05, 2018

If you walked past Anova's booth at the ASLA Expo in Los Angeles in October, you undoubtedly caught a glimpse of the new Tandem bench series. The four distinct models – Perspective, Fractured Movement, Mountain Range, and Totem – were patterned in collaboration with four different landscape architects. They're now available from our Site Amenities and Reference Notes managers.

To learn more about Anova, including how to specify their products, click the button below.


Now Featuring: Maglin Public Site Furniture

Site Manufacturer News  -  Mar 29, 2017

We're excited to include Maglin products in our site amenity database. Maglin is a North America–based manufacturer that incorporates recycled materials into its public site furnishings and amenities, designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of public environments. Our database now includes a comprehensive selection of Maglin site furnishings such as benches, trash and recycling containers, table and seating arrangements, bollards, bike racks, planters and ash receptacles. Check out our site amenities library for Maglin’s 2D CAD blocks. Creating a 3D design in SketchUp? Use our SketchUp Connection to access 3D models of Maglin products.

Learn how to spec amenities from manufacturers (such as Maglin) using our Site Amenities Manager.


Now Featuring Madrax Bike Racks

Site Manufacturer News  -  Nov 21, 2016

Looking to spruce up your design with some fun and functional bike parking options? Check out the wide selection of Madrax bike racks, which we've recently added to our site amenities library as 2D CAD blocks and 3D SketchUp symbols. These racks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to enhance your space.

Madrax lines that are now available in our software include:

The new Shadow line, which includes sculptural racks as well as whimsical, modern designs that incorporate natural elements. The Sentry line, featuring front-wheel stops for positive parking and easy installation. Check out these racks in our site amenities library!



Site Manufacturer News  -  Jan 23, 2015

Tournesol’s entire product line is now available in our database. You can access all their pots, planters, and site furnishings from within your Land F/X installation. Be sure to use our SketchUp connection to see 3D models of Tournesol products as well!



Site Manufacturer News  -  Jan 26, 2015

Land F/X is happy to announce the recent addition of CycleSafe products to our Site Amenities database. CycleSafe offers a wide range of bike lockers, shelters, and multiple styles of racks. Look for details and SketchUp models of all CycleSafe product lines.

Don’t forget to check them out!


Kings River Casting

Site Manufacturer News  -  Jan 23, 2015

We’ve updated our product listing for Kings River Casting to include all available benches, bollards, receptacles, street signs, and tables. Details and SketchUp models for all these items are all available now.

We hope to add more of Kings River Casting’s great line into the software. If you have any requests, please contact Krystal.


Kings River Casting Benches Added

Site Manufacturer News  -  Jun 04, 2014

(UPDATED) New benches have been added to Land F/X for Kings River Casting product line.


Kings River Casting Details Added

Site Manufacturer News  -  May 21, 2014

(UPDATED) New details for Kings River Casting product line have been added to the F/X Detail Library. 



Site Manufacturer News  -  May 07, 2014

(NEW!) We are very happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Forms+Surfaces to include their full product line in the Land F/X software. We anticipate this will take a month to launch the listing but please check the software for updates to this manufacturer. Thanks to all of our users who requested this manufacturer through email and the RefNote manager!


BRP By Bison

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 21, 2014

(NEW!) We are happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with BRP by Bison to update their listing to include the full product line. Check the software for new SketchUp models and drawing files added to the BRP by Bison as we continue to roll out updates. To request more from this manufacturer email us at


SiteScapes, Inc.

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 15, 2014

(NEW!) We happy to announce our newest addition to the growing list of Land F/X Supporting Manufacturers, SiteScapes Inc. Select SiteScapes product lines are now available to our users under the Site Amenities and RefNotes tools. Happy Specifying! 


Kings River Casting

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 09, 2014

(COMING SOON!) New site furnishings, details, and blocks will be entered into the Land F/X software from our friends at Kings River Casting. Check the Land F/X Product Connection and Detail Explorer for updates!


Landscape Forms

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 09, 2014

(UPDATED!) We are happy to announce that we will be including 2 new product lines from our friends at Landscape Forms. Check the software for updates to the Strata and MultipliCITY product lines. To request more from this manufacturer email us at


Kwik Goal

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 01, 2014

(NEW!) Manufacturer of Goals, Training Equipment, and Field Equipment. We now list 91 products for this manufacturer in the Land F/X software.


Tournesol Siteworks

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 08, 2014

(COMING SOON!) We are underway with our newest supporting manufacturer. Keep checking the software for more updates to the Tournesol product line.



SiteScapes, Inc.

Site Manufacturer News  -  Apr 09, 2014

(COMING SOON!) We are currently developing the SiteScapes product listing and look forward to hosting 50 of their top products in our software. To request more from this manufacturer email us at


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