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Acker-Stone: New Hardscape Manufacturer

Feb 19, 2019

Published in: Site Manufacturer News

AckerStone - New Hardscape Manufacturer

New Hardscape Manufacturer

Acker-Stone Plank Paver

Land F/X is thrilled to have welcomed hardscape manufacturer Acker-Stone to our partnering manufacturer family. Acker-Stone has been at the forefront of sustainable and green hardscape products for more than 90 years, and continues to be a leader in eco-friendly development.

Acker-Stone's vast and varied product catalog includes permeable, interlocking, plank, and large-format pavers in a multitude of unique shapes, color blends, and designer textures. As of this week, you can find Acker-Stone paving products in the Area and Volume sections of our Reference Notes library.

Area/Volume Ref Notes


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