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ICON Ping-Pong Tables - New Product Available

Mar 11, 2019

Published in: Site Manufacturer News

New Product Available: Icon Ping Pong Tables

New Product Available
ICON Ping-Pong Tables

New Product Available: ICON Ping-Pong Tables
Public Outdoor Ping Pong (POPP) is an Australian-born company that designs its ICON Ping-Pong tables to enhance public and private spaces through DIY artwork, vibrant colors, physical activity, and social connectivity. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, they've been installed in locations ranging from parks and open spaces to schools, healthcare facilities, student housing, and multi-family developments.

Whether you're designing in the U.S., Australia, or anywhere else, you can specify the ICON table through the Amenity > Site Improvements section of our Reference Notes Manager.
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