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Though we're of course here to help, you might just be able to help yourself even more quickly. We're constantly updating our troubleshooting resources, providing the answers you need to resolve your issue and get back to work! 

 Are you getting an error message?

Please enter the error message text below. There's a good chance you'll find the solution in our extensive documentation and collection of Knowledge Base articles. 

 Can the issue be duplicated in a blank drawing?

We find that 25% of our tech support tickets are directly related to drawing corruption. This is a recurring issue that can be addressed quickly on your end.

If you are unable to duplicate your issue in a blank drawing, please clean your drawing and any Xrefs first. Chances are the issue will be resolved!

 Is it a common issue?

Our documentation team reviews every single tech support incident. As a result, our documentation section is updated continuously to provide every solution to every possible issue.



Don't see it? Look or search in our Knowledge Base.

 Still no solution? Submit a ticket.

Don't see your issue in our documentation? Feel free to send us a support ticket. Please provide a detailed explanation of your issue, including the exact text of any error messages. You'll receive instant email verification that we received your ticket. Don't see a verification right away? Check your junk or spam folder.


In most cases, we'll send a detailed response – including a link to the solution in our documentation, if possible – within one hour of receiving your request. 

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Updated Support Policy

Our team is happy to provide unlimited technical support by phone or email for issues directly related to our software.

However, many technical issues stem from improperly maintained Windows installations, outdated or improperly configured equipment, or network problems. These deeper-seated issues go above and beyond the support our team is able to provide as part of the purchase and renewal or upgrade of our software. As a result, they may necessitate an additional per-incident support charge of $150.

Rather than incurring these types of charges – and risking potentially catastrophic computer issues – we encourage you to pay this money proactively by hiring a qualified IT professional to service your office computers regularly


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Our landscape architecture software incorporates planting and irrigation design plugins into AutoCAD, making specification and calculation simple and giving you the time to design.